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Robocalls could be much more effective

If all of the telemarketers got together and combined their call lists and special “offers” to consumers, they might be able to reach a larger audience. Consumers will benefit also as this will drastically reduce the number of potential scam calls that we receive.

Imagine how effective a telemarketing call could be if everything were done in one call? You could: purchase solar panels, extend your car’s warranty, change your Medicare insurance, get a free back brace and/or neck brace, speak to an “Amazon” agent about an iPhone being charged to your account, book a cruise at a very special rate, and have your computer “fixed” by a “Microsoft Agent.”

And you could pay for all of this with your new credit card since you have an outstanding credit history, and your rate can be lowered. How do they know what your credit history is or even what your rate may be?

If this combining of calls were to happen, I do not know what I would do with all of my extra free time since I will not be dealing with as many informative and important phone calls.

Ken Levy




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