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Summon power of talk radio to save a nation

Is talk radio now seen as the enemy of the people?

Once heralded as the savior of traditional American values, talk radio has morphed into a group therapy session where 30 million shell-shocked Trump voters escape to their haven daily to receive their dose of sanity. Endless sound bites of an advancing agenda by the left infuriates them. And even though they are in the right, very little emerges to combat the onslaught by the left.

The truth is, radical socialists, aided and abetted by mainstream media, along with Big Tech, have “fundamentally transformed America” into a Communist-like form of government. Talk radio fails to recognize its own potential to thwart this Bolshevik takeover. Talk radio needs to become politically active using interactive text technology. On-air opt-ins to their text system could align 30 million into a tech army ready to react. From Sean Hannity to Mike Gallagher, once again conservatives will have a voice. Cell phone text alerts could direct them to support nationwide conservative groups fighting for what they believe in.

Otherwise, it's inevitable talk radio will be silenced.

Talk radio can be the answer. May God Save America by way of talk radio.

Jim Leblanc




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