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Bumgardner pledges one thing, does another

I write this letter in support of the open and transparent nature that candidate for mayor Aundré Bumgardner promotes.

However, that is NOT what I have seen from candidate Bumgardner. I have asked multiple questions of Aundré across multiple platforms he has promoted on, directly relating to the campaign content he has posted, and I have not been given the courtesy and respect of responses. Members of his campaign team have told me answers will be forthcoming, as they were important questions, and yet they have still not been acknowledged.

I got my first answer recently, to a single question of nine, and his campaign deleted some of the comments back and forth. The rest of my concerns have yet to be addressed. He still is actively posting on his campaign page, yet many posts have blocked and hidden comments. People have been blocked from posting on his campaign page. How is this open and transparent?

From his campaign page directly “The majority of primary voters spoke and are ready for change.” Democratic primary voters made up less than 20% of voters in Groton City. Why is he not concerned about all voters, as they will all be constituents if he wins? For a campaign "predicated on inclusion" he does not seem interested in including.

Jessica Donnel



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