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Trump had it right on ending cycle of Gaza violence

Each new generation believes they can resolve all the problems of the world. Unfortunately, their poorly conceived plans always fail. Example: The story in the Day about Secretary of State Blinken claiming progress in “effort to boost Gaza Truce.” It is pure fantasy, “Palestinians see victory in Gaza truce as Israel warns Hamas,” (May 22).

This continuing saga is always the same. Here is what always happens, by the numbers:

1. Hamas fires all the rockets in their inventory into Israel, Israel blows up the Gaza Strip.

2. While waiting for a new supply of rockets from Iran, Hamas talks peace.

3. America and its friends repair the Gaza damage and give Iran cash for peace.

4. When sufficient new rockets arrive from Iran, Hamas fires them into Israel.

5. Go back to one and repeat.

When President Trump was on the verge of wrecking the Iranian economy so it could not support Hamas, the media would not support his effort, which is the only way to stop this merry-go-round. Hate is never a pathway to success.

Robert A. Manfredi




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