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Republicans wake up, Trump threatens our democracy

I majored in social science in college and then went on to teach social studies for 37 years. For most of my life I was a registered Republican. Never did I think I would witness what I have seen since the wannabee dictator was elected. Former President Trump was the most divisive and self-centered person in office. A man with no class or character. A man who was insulting, vindictive, petty, and inept. His favorite pastimes were golf (350 rounds) and watching TV to see what the "fake news" was saying about him. He was one of the most destructive and chaotic leaders to run the Oval Office. Just ask people who worked under him. His handling of the virus was a joke. He rarely read his morning updates. Most people who worked for him were fired, quit in disgust, or were arrested.

How many presidents hold political rallies with thousands of unmasked voters just before an election and in the middle of a pandemic? How many people lost their lives?

The Republican Congress did nothing to discourage or rein him in. Many Republicans said Trump was at least partially responsible for Jan. 6, but most don't want a congressional investigation. The demagogue first and the country second.

Republicans wake up, is the ex-president more important than our democracy and country? 

Bruce Royce





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