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It's not about race, it's about respectfulness

I have read with interest about the public health crisis, "Norwich City Council to tackle racism as a public health crisis," (July 20).

I agree there is a need to solve this problem. I would like to make clear my views concerning the use of the word "race." There is only one race, that is the human race − homo sapience. There is no "white race” or "black race” or any other "race." Our problem is an ethnic problem. We are a society of ethnic groups − Irish, Italian, German, Greek, Black, Indigenous (of which there are many) − and many more. Many families are made of combinations of various ethnic groups, too many to enumerate!

We are all Americans if we were born in this country or became a legal citizen. It is time we recognize who we are and treat each other with respect. Norwich is not alone with this problem. I believe it is universal. God (whoever he-she may be) Bless America!

Richard Waterman

East Lyme 


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