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Doctor made valid point on vaccine issue

I disagree with two writers, who both recently wrote to complain about Dr. Andersen’s letter from a previous day. Both of them attacked the doctor for suggesting that selfish people who choose not to protect themselves, and therefore everyone who comes in contact with them, should not be covered by insurance. Why should insurance companies pay out often huge sums of money for people who choose to be sick and risk death? Let them self-pay.

The larger point was missed while these two engaged in the tiresome culture wars that the right-wing is so very fond of doing. Disinformation put forth by Republican lawmakers and right-wing TV and radio hosts has infected their audiences and made them afraid to take this life-saving vaccine that is readily available. The "party of life" certainly seems more than willing to promote death and kill off large groups of Americans. These are the same people who consistently attack (including death threats) Dr. Fauci, who apparently is guilty of making their cult leader look inept (he is quite capable of doing that on his own).

The right has politicized a public health crisis and their pathetic anti-mask and anti-vax movements are killing people.

"Party of life"? I beg to differ!

Debbie Chang

East Lyme



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