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Poem looked backwards, and was disrespectful

I read the article about Joshua Brown’s poem presented at Chief Wright's swearing-in ceremony, "New London poet laureate's poem riles police officers," (July 24).

Brown claims he was just telling a story and talking truth about how young people of color will be treated by the police compared to their white counterparts. Mr. Brown, let’s talk truth. You most likely have never spent a significant amount of time patrolling the streets of New London to help prevent crime or help those who are in critical need of police intervention. Your only solution is to look backwards and not forward for a new day in New London.

Mr. Brown, walk a mile in the police officer's shoes before you comment. I once read where the issue of race only exists because we talk about it. Let it go and die in the past so we can build a future where we are not black/white. We are fellow "HUMANS."

This does not mean we never call out bad behavior.

Mr. Brown, you should seriously look at your own behavior and respect of others when you do not have the decency to even acknowledge the proper rank of Chief Brian Wright, repeatedly calling him officer. Shame on you.

L. Michael Clancy




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