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Biden's ability to lead is of grave concern

Did you vote for Joe Biden out of spite for Trump or because you really believed in him? I cannot call him president because of his biggest lie yet − "leave no one behind" − which has been the worst debacle in American history. While there were an estimated 1,000 American citizens left behind (there is no firm accounting), where was Joe? In Delaware, relaxing and ignoring reality. He turned his back on thousands with Special Immigrant Visas and on a U.S. ally.

We watched as Taliban took over and at times airplanes could not depart. How many and who are they that were left behind? Biden has blood on his hands, blood that will never come off. We could have left safely May through July. Why did he not do that? That question will never be answered.

Biden's apparent cognitive decline should scare the heck out of each and every one of us. How many hours does he work and stay awake each day? Biden did nothing when he knew the Taliban were coming. The documents of the Afghanistan total failure will be revealed. This is not a partisan issue, it is an American issue.

In a recent speech he misspoke about emissions, saying that they will be zero by 2020. Joe, it is 2021. You are a pitiful man.

Jo-Ann Arcara Craddoc




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