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He has faith in Japanese-American alliance

I had read recently that Japan has started to use aircraft carriers for the first time since the end of World War II. Though this new carrier is a conversion of another type of vessel, Japan was the first nation to commission a purpose-built aircraft carrier eons ago, whereas other carriers — including our first carrier, the Langley — were conversions of other vessels. Nevertheless, the modern Japanese constitution was written by Douglas MacArthur following the end of WWII, and included a controversial piece known as Article 9, which, to summarize, prohibits Japan from having a military, and limits their military actions. Now, any action on this would be up to the Japanese parliament.

However, I believe that since we wrote this constitution and its articles, we should offer a formal endorsement of a potential repeal of Article 9, especially with the rising threat of the Chinese navy.

Not only would it grant Japan more freedom in their military actions and developments, but it could also allow us to withdraw at least some of our forces there, allowing us to re-allocate said forces elsewhere. Besides, I have strong faith in the modern Japanese-American alliance, and if Pearl Harbor is attacked again, it will not be by Japan, but by China.

Max Engel

East Lyme


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