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Check your facts before writing

This is in response to the letter from Mike Zito who is accusing the Day newspaper of lying about the tragedies that occurred at the insurrection. ("One person died as the result of Jan. 6 violence", Jan. 13). After reading his first sentence, I knew he had not done any fact checking, so I did. Five people did in fact die and here are their names and how they died: Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer who was beaten that day and later died; Ashli Babbitt, shot while climbing through the window of the Capitol; Kevin Greeson suffered a heart attack standing with the crowd on the west side of the Capitol; Rosanne Boyland appears to have been crushed by her fellow rioters; and Benjamin Philips died of a stroke. Perhaps what Mr. Zito should be more concerned about is that all these people would still be alive if the former President (Trump) had told the truth about the election, that is the real lie that he should be concerned about. I think, Mr. Zito, your next letter should be an apology to the Day newspaper.

Judy Packer Plouffe



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