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COVID freedom

COVID Freedom

I am 81 and in reasonably good health; I have had two Pfizer vaccines plus a booster, and I use a mask when I am in closed spaces outside my home. Those actions were my personal choices because I do not want to die as a result of COVID infection. I know people who are opposed to vaccination; in one case, a friend of mine nearly died. I used to think that people who opted not to vaccinate were selfish and put others at risk. Now, I must confess, my attitude is changing. If you, like me, take care and vaccinate and live carefully, then you have an excellent chance of surviving. However, if you choose the opposite path, then there is an excellent chance you will become infected and may die. In my opinion, that is your free choice should you so desire. Good luck with that, but do not infect others as you exit this world. Am I being uncharitable or unsympathetic to my fellow human beings?

John Sutherland




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