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    Sunday, September 25, 2022

    Trump believes he’s above the law

    In response to Nicholas Casiano's letter, (“Leave it to the DOJ,” July 21), I must remind all that the Jan 6. committee has no prosecutorial powers, it is an investigative body formed specifically for the insurrection. It had no obligation to make these hearings or its findings public; to the contrary, evidence and witnesses need protection to remain uncorrupted - the January 6 committee had indicated last month that Trump and others were contacting prospective witnesses.

    The committee held these in public to mitigate the misinformation and vitriol espoused by MAGAs attempting to repackage the truth about the seditious, violent attempt at overthrowing the government. This “theater” Mr. Casiano espouses is really a CIRCUS, with Trump as its ringmaster, watching with glee as the tent slowly collapses on democracy while blaming the empty carousel.

    Kindly be reminded – Trump is the one who bleated to his sheep about not only the “raid,” but about every brief Justice filed, in order to enrage his posse. I guess he just forgot that in America, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. Including the 45th president.

    Diane Strickland

    New London

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