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    Saturday, November 26, 2022

    Vindman spreads hate

    Alexander Vindman, continuing to spew his anti-Trump rhetoric, has been proven, to those that actually pay attention, to be void of credibility, dignity, or the honor in which his title would indicate. Obviously, a career “yes man” he spewed a shifty like tale of what he hoped would appease the syndicate. Again, spreading his hate at Conn College, to impressionable followers, The Day, could not help but display on front page. (“Vindman: Trump’s “corrupt scheme” had direct tie-in to Russian invasion of Ukraine,“ Sept. 15).

    Unfortunately, he is just one of many whom spread this venomous hate. Trump has many faults, but no man in history has been so continually attacked, shamefully so. It is such an ugly look for the leadership of this country, and further proves, nothing they put forth can be remotely trusted.

    Mike Zito


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