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    Tuesday, November 29, 2022

    Times aren’t that tough

    Today, people think times are tough. But do not forget how tough the original inhabitants were treated when the first Europeans populated America. They felt they were above everyone else.

    The new technologies the colonist had and how they seemed to kill Native Americans without warfare, from the diseases they brought, Native Americans originally thought they were Gods.

    Because the Native Americans were tribal, wore little clothing and lived closer to and in union with the Earth, Europeans thought they were savages.

    Most eastern tribes sided with Britain during the Revolutionary war. They disliked the colonists. They rarely bathed, stunk, were greedy, wasteful and they took land without asking.

    After the Civil War, treaties were made and broken with Native Americans throughout the westward expansion. White men nearly wiped out millions of buffalo in a few decades often just for the chance to kill one. It devastated a people’s way of life. American soldiers massacred Native American women and children to fulfill this American dream to expand.

    It was not that long ago, and it may take years, decades, or centuries, but Bad Karma will balance itself out.

    Steve Birt


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