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    Monday, March 20, 2023

    Biden won, COVID was real

    Painting with a not such a broad brush one can easily connect deniers of the insurrection, election, and vaccinations. Sometimes simplistic examples are the best. Hypothetically, you and a friend watch or participate in a sporting event and root or play on opposing teams. Your friend says, “We are going to cream you guys!” You say, “No way, how?” He replies, “The only way you guys can win is if you cheat or rig the game!” Hello! After more than 70 court decisions, and innumerable facts, it has been proven that our elections were legitimate. Some Fox News hosts recently testified under oath in the Dominion civil suit. Obviously, all testified that the election was not rigged to avoid committing perjury.

    Collectively, there are few true anti-vaxxers. Almost everyone today has received vaccines from birth through adulthood. Vaccines are safe. The facts reveal far more deaths and hospitalizations occurred due to Covid-19 with the non-vaccinated. Therefore, one could easily assume far too many election and insurrection deniers and anti-vaxxers share commonalities. They are mostly MAGA Republicans and or conspiracy theory believers. Fox evening programming needs a moral and factual check up from the neck up!

    Bill Culotta

    Old Lyme

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