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    Saturday, June 10, 2023

    Who was the real dictator?

    In response to the May 15 letter, “Biden, The Dictator,” the writer refers to the President’s “appointments of inexperienced and/or dishonest leaders of government.”

    I would ask whether he thinks that running a business with, what we now know, were fraudulent business practices and being a TV game show host, like the previous occupant of the White House, are the kind of “qualifications” that are more in line for leading a country? And whether putting family members whose resumes included “handbag designer” and “real estate investor,” with no public service experience, into “senior advisory” positions isn’t the exact same thing that he seems to be criticizing?

    Additionally, the false claim that “(Vice-President) Mike Pence could have changed the 2020 election results” and the similar non-stop rhetoric that the previous officeholder still peddles, in an attempt to stay in the White House against the will of the American voters, seems to be the very definition of a “dictator.”

    Further vague references to things that Hillary Clinton’s computer “likely had on it” seem to add up to an extremely one-sided and inaccurate vision of the state of the nation and its leadership.

    Chris Polsonetti

    Gales Ferry

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