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    Thursday, September 28, 2023

    The time, the facts, the climate

    The doomsday crowd seems to think the world is running out of time. The fact is our world has been around millions of years. We have been monitoring the climate for 200 years. We have information of things that have occurred in the past. Such as the rise and fall of the seas, that Antarctica once had trees. Ice once covered large parts of North America and Europe. Extinction of prehistoric life on this planet was caused by meteor strikes. We understand volcanoes and the pollutants which have darkened our skies. 60,000,000 buffalo roamed the Western Plains in the 1800s.

    To our surprise, the "natural" cycle of the earth cleansed all of that. The sad part is , windmills and EV batteries cause more damage to the earth, and there is "no safe disposal environmentally" of either of them.

    We don't have the technology yet to leave fossil fuel, but we do have the technology to clean our seas, lakes, rivers and ground water supply, which we treat like garbage dumps. Some scientists think we will die of thirst before we run out of oxygen to breathe.

    James Miller


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