Property Transactions November 9, 2018


8 Fran Ln:

Miga, Joseph G to Santiago, Jose R, $254,000.

144 Elm St:

Koes, Elizabeth to Rodriguez, James A & Rodriguez, Veronica, $157,000.

East Lyme

38 Hope St #112:

Maginess, Madeline to Pope, Brian & Pope, Mindy, $348,000.

10 Nehantic Trl:

Patricia Christiana FT & Christiana, Frank to Dewey, Judith & Dewey, William, $420,000.

6 Strawberry Ln #6:

Stuart Mary Est & Stuart, James to Kusnierz, Donald & Kusnierz, Joanna, $310,000.

6 Kensington Dr:

Parikh, Smita to Kowal, Patricia & Podgorsek, Frank, $729,000.

5 South Dr:

Violante, Frances to Todaro, David & Todaro, Ruth, $575,000.

246 Roxbury Rd:

Rockwell, Kathleen to Haskell, Suzanne, $194,500.

30 Corey Ln:

Welsh, Kenneth & Welsh, Karen to Boudreau, Paul & Boudreau, Adrienne, $325,000.

60 Carriage Hill Dr:

Donovan, Carol to Mutual Properties Sol, $12,000.

214 W Main St:

Boiselle, Jennifer & Boiselle, Lance to Berman, Eric, $245,000.

168 W Main St:

Hendels East Lyne LLC to Petroleum Marketing Inv, $2,703,000.

38 Sunnieside Dr:

Smith, Julie to Onderdonk, Jeffrey & Onderdonk, Jessica, $260,000.

97 W Main St #58:

Spencer, Patricia to Holmes, Madeleine & Holmes, Randall, $200,000.

24 Mcelaney Dr:

Arsenault, Alan & Arsenault, Judith to Sears, Karen, $246,000.

11 Lantern Ln:

Marchini, Scott & Marchini, Barbara to Virga, Adam & Virga, Thomas, $258,000.

38 Roxbury Rd:

Toni Metherall RET & Metherall, Toni to Parente, Catherine, $90,000.

15 Lakeview Dr:

Miller FT & Miller, David to Nee, Carolyn, $257,000.

11 Lakeview Dr:

Margaret Miller T & Howard, Margaret to Zirger, Richard & Zirger, Alexis, $255,000.

11 Lakeview Dr:

Kastner, Robert to Koumarnetos, Dimitria & Serpe, Michael, $371,000.

26 Penncove Rd:

Bellemare, Kyle & Bellemare, Samantha to Maynard, Ryan, $275,000.

50 Sleepy Hollow Rd:

Gialpis, Hariklia & Gialpis, Spiros to Greenwood, Gaile, $329,500.

54 Sleepy Hollow Rd:

Griswold, Jessica & Kaplan, Jared to Coombs, Hillary, $252,500.

5 Jeremy Dr:

Winters, William & Winters, Joan to Burdick, Jason & Wainright, Kristin, $465,000.

22 Scott Rd:

Instant Property Solution to Mascolo, Alfonso, $200,000.

8 Naomi Ln:

Oreilly, Scott to Zheng, Xin, $425,000.

32 Upper Pattagansett Rd #14:

FNMA to Zhang, Qingyan, $140,100.

113 Boston Post Rd:

Hendels Flanders LLC to Petroleum Marketing Inv, $924,850.

171 Upper Pattagansett Rd:

Dana, Paul & Dana, Alicia to Marie, Alyssa & Marie, James, $305,000.

14 Legendary Rd:

Thompson, Teri to Llod, Robert & Zrenda, Sierra, $269,100.

38 Upper Pattagansett Rd:

Carrington Mortgage Svcs to Chen, Kon, $141,000.

321 Chesterfield Rd:

Benka, Maureen & Benka, Jeff to Orr, Jessica & Orr, Van, $364,000.

49 Billow Rd:

Mcmahon, Patricia & Mcmahon, Patricia to Bosco, Peter, $325,000.

21 Brightwater Rd:

Zirger, Richard & Zirger, Alexis to Lawrenclle, Toby & Knowles, Glenn, $420,000.


21 Bonnie St:

Wood, Zachry to Dillon, Robert R & Dillon, Imelda R, $183,000.


57 Virginia Ave #B:

Mcdermott, Nicolas to Scalise, Philip J, $52,000.

36 Thames Height Ln #36:

Lynch, Daniel A & Lynch, Julia to Curtin, Stephen C, $146,000.

28 Spicer Ave:

Kosloskey FT & Kosloskey, Marie P to Nahass, Joseph P & Nahass, Suzanne L, $210,000.

23 Spicer Ave:

Rak, Thomas J to Perry, Kyle W & Moon, Haley E, $278,000.

88 Eastwood Rd:

Hughes, Allyn F to Siderewicz, Anthony M & Siderewicz, Deborah L, $205,000.

Beach Rd:

Pemaquid Farm LLC to Ryan, Melissa S & Brys, George E, $245,000.

110 New London Rd:

Hummingbird Hollow LLC to RM New London Road LLC, $740,000.

48 Riverview Ave:

Shipley, Ann & Wennerberg, Kerry to Steven Michael Stollman T & Stollman, Steven M, $1,050,000.

6 Jefferson Dr:

Haley, Matthew J & Haley, Francie F to Faford, Brian J, $218,000.

Long Hill Rd:

Unknown & Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $93,600.


10 Lakeside Dr #J:

Robinson, Mary E to Hurne, Joshua D & Hurne, Nicole M, $110,000.

10 Buttercup Ln:

Myers, Michael P & Myers, Beth A to Freedom Property LLC, $124,500.

17 Fanning Rd:

Hanley, Michael J to Bourbeau, Jeremy E & Bourbeau, Jessica P, $245,000.

5 Old Fort Ln:

Allen, Claire C & Bank Of America NA to Bank Of America NA, $139,421.

32 Laurel Leaf Dr:

GC Holdings LLC to Edwards, Carolyn, $205,000.

1678 Center Groton Rd:

Dahlman, Carl E to South Ledyard Props LLC, $175,000.

1680 Center Groton Rd:

Dahlman, Carl E to South Ledyard Props LLC, $175,000.


85 Fellows Rd:

Gray, Sharie to Rebelo, Bruce, $160,000.

49 Porach Rd:

Ferencek Helen K Est & Klugman, Jane to Pyramid Bldrs 993 Bank St, $140,000.

New London

206 Pequot Ave #206:

Head Joe E Est & Kelley, Ashley E to Ocean Cottages LLC, $39,000.


58 Mckinley Ave:

Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Sbrolla, Susan & Alger, Edward, $91,000.

448 Boswell Ave:

Castagna, Aaron to Reyes, Raymond, $143,000.

377 Plain Hill Rd:

Mazurkiewicz, Ronald & Nadeau, Jodi to Hammack, Mia & Jastremski, Douglas, $350,000.

22-24 Grosvenor Pl:

Coastal Venture Enterpris to Sparanga, Anthony, $175,000.

124 Broadway:

Martin M Rutchik RET & Rutchik, Martin M to 124&126 Broadway LLC, $73,000.

20 Oak St:

Bank Of America NA to Soulor, Andy C, $56,000.

150 Yantic St #157:

FNMA to Eatman, Timothy T, $36,698.

586 W Thames St #206:

Reece, Charles H & Finkelson-Reece, Jodi S to Mchugh, John P & Mchugh, Sean C, $125,000.

Old Lyme

214 Shore Rd:

Cann, Raymond C & Hendels Inc to Hendels Inc, $140,000.

5-B Oakridge Dr:

Gesky, Anita M to Macgregor, Russell & Macgregor, Jennifer, $360,000.

236 Mile Creek Rd:

Charlton, Mary E to Squarciafico, William & Squarciafico, Rebecca, $390,000.

8-A Old Stagecoach Rd:

Paine, Ronald L & Paine, Dorothy D to Ferullo, Anthony, $429,900.

32 New Britain Rd:

Beth M Gozdeck RET & Gozdeck, Paul J to Kowalczyk, Jeffrey, $495,000.


44 Sachem Dr #44:

FNMA to Smith, Hunter, $95,000.

495 Norwich Rd:

Zelinsky Alexander Est & Suplicki, Kellie L to Sammy P Inc, $170,000.

92 Lake St:

Ferraj, Briana to Morales-Hernandez, Edgard & Ramos-Malave, Kathleen A, $180,000.


60 Hill Top Trl:

Cote, Irving E & Nejfelt, Karen to Wallace, Meta L & Hoppes, Mark R, $308,000.


2 Ball St:

Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Rodriguez, Johnny & Penson-Rodriguez, Viviana, $143,330.

18 Stafford St #2545:

Lockwood, Nancy L to Grillo, James A & Grillo, Georgia A, $20,000.

87 Liberty St:

Anderson Virginia A Est & Mitchell, Paul to Fernald, Karen M, $220,000.

43 Shawondassee Dr:

Cole, Stuart G & Cole, Durant G to Ljubicic, Ante & Ljubicic, Klaudija, $69,600.

43 Shawondassee Dr:

Elsa Hurlbut Cole T & Cole, Stuart G to Ljubicic, Ante & Ljubicic, Klaudija, $630,000.

34 Anguilla Brook Rd:

Walsh Donald C Est & Walsh, Lesley F to Delisa, Robert M, $310,000.


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