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Groton representatives push for Thames River water taxi funding

State Reps. John Scott and Aundré Bumgardner, both Groton Republicans, have introduced a bill seeking state funding to operate a water taxi on the Thames River this summer.

The ferry service would be run as part of the proposed Thames River Heritage Park, providing a way for visitors to travel between historic sites on the New London and Groton sides of the river. Scott said Thursday that the bill will be revised to include a specific dollar request once the steering committee for the park finalizes a budget for the water taxi service. The funds would be provided to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection through the state General Fund.

"It's a good idea that was wildly successful for the two weeks it ran last summer," he said, referring to the pilot water taxi service offered in September.

Scott said he will urge passage of the bill based on the value of the water taxi to promote economic development, tourism and the state parks system.


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