Births - April 1

Backus Hospital

FEB. 21 - A daughter to Gary Surprenant and Mandy Bryant.

FEB. 22 - A daughter to Gregory Pizzi and Maria Guisti.

FEB. 25 - A daughter to Daniel and Nicole Messier.

FEB. 26 - A son to Michael Moore and Elyssa Kenyon.

FEB. 27 - A son to Ricardo DaSilva and LaToya Johnson; a son to Timothy and Hanna Nagle; a son to Christopher and Megan Clark.

FEB. 28 - A daughter to Jillian Angelus.

MAR. 1 - A son to Scott and Holly Geary; a son to Juan and Christina Cuevas; a son to Jonathan and Samantha Webster.

MAR. 2 - A son to Yanet Fabian; a son to Kevin and Abigail Leahy; a daughter to Drew and Cara Mizak.

MAR. 5 - A daughter to Johnny Tirado and Dorothy See.

MAR. 6 - A son to Michael and Katrina Olender; a son to Adam and Heather Schuett; a daughter to Paul Tardif and Cassandra Bonin.

MAR. 8 - A son to Eudorico Pena-Montrond and Neusa Fernandes; a daughter to Lopetio and Monique Snipe; twins, a daughter and a son to Jacob and Shannen Whitehead.

MAR. 9 - A son to Cassidy and Caitlyn Robinson.

MAR. 10 - A daughter to Bryce and Jessica Call.

MAR. 11 - A daughter to Daniel Thearle and Gabrielle Fontenault.

L+M Hospital

MAR. 1 - A son to Brittani Bochese of Waterford; a daughter to Antonio and Jessica Grillo of New London; a son to Benjamin Marchena and Carmen Loyola of New London.

MAR. 2 - A daughter to Peter and Lynn Clift of Gales Ferry; a daughter to Mark Aldana and Jessica Martin of Groton; a son to Jillian and James Turner Jr. of Canterbury.

MAR. 3 - A son to Zachary and Kirsten DeMaio of Groton; a son to Porfirio Espinal and Jackeline Rosario of Groton.

MAR. 4 - A daughter to Jessica and Catarino Romero Jr. of Groton; a son to Gregory and Lindsey Ryley of East Lyme.

MAR. 5 - A daughter to Jonathan Hicks Sr. and Lola Morrell of New London; a daughter to Tyler Latham and Brianna Robinson of Groton; a son to Austin Marlowe and Lee-Anne Santopietro of Niantic.

MAR. 6 - A son to Michael and Meghan Cuevas of Groton; a daughter to Stuart and Charlotte Houston of Mystic; a son to Derek and Kerry Schacht of Ledyard.


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