Create a spa shower at home

Indulging in a trip to the spa to rejuvenate mind and body from the stressors of daily life may not be as relaxing or as rejuvenating as usual during the pandemic. Anxiety over health and safety protocols and the possibility of becoming infected can reduce the quality of the ultimate spa experience. However, some aspects of the luxury and relaxation found in a spa can now be experienced at home with some minor bathroom improvements.

A relaxing spa experience can begin at home with a luxurious shower made even more soothing with special showerheads that mimic rainfall and waterfalls. Replacing just the showerhead in the bathroom with a rainfall showerhead is a simple way to introduce a luxurious spa experience to the bathroom. Whether mounted on the ceiling or extended from the wall on a long arm a rainfall showerhead simulates the experience of water falling from the sky. Julie Evans writing for The Spruce explains, "Designed to mimic the sensation of falling rain, rain shower heads are a luxurious way to get clean and add a stylish flair and spa-like experience to your own showers at home." Rain showerheads can also be accompanied by a waterfall showerhead and be part of a panel or bar system.

Some rain and waterfall shower heads also include colored LED lighting to help develop a luxurious atmosphere. Thomas Holmes writing for explains, "There are two types of LED shower heads on the market today that you can choose from, a temperature sensitive unit and a shower head that generates random colors throughout the shower activity." Some models use temperature sensitive lights that use color to reveal the temperature of the water; for example, blue for cold water and red for hot.

Another way to add the luxury to the bathroom is to install a shower panel system. A panel system is a vertical wall-mounted panel that contains the shower controls and shower head. The panel also includes a hand-held shower head and several different body jets that each have their own specific water stream (pulse). Hand-held shower attachments direct the water to specific areas while custom body jets direct pulsating water streams where you need them. Emily Burns Morgan and Bob Vila at say, "A great way to think of these showers is as Jacuzzis you stand up in. Highly customizable, shower panel systems deliver more water pressure where you want, less where you don't." Some models include a tub spout and can be set up in a bathtub rather than a shower stall. Installing a panel system is probably best left to a plumber; however, some models claim the installation to be straightforward enough for do-it-yourself installation.

If fewer shower features are desired a special shower experience can be achieved with a less complicated, but also luxurious, shower bar system. A bar systemis a vertical wall-mounted bar with most of the same functions available as the panel system. They are available either as basic as a vertical bar that allows sliding height adjustment of the showerhead with a handheld showerhead attachment or as extensive as a bar with a rainfall showerhead and a vertical row of jets like those found on a panel system. Emily Burns Morgan and Bob Vila at say, "In response to the height and personal preference of the user, a sliding bar shower head moves up and down along a wall-mounted base." Bar systems are convenient for families with a variety of members of different heights. The hand-held showerhead is also useful for bathing pets.

A more extensive upgrade that adds spa-like luxury to the bathroom is to replace an existing shower stall with a steam shower. A steam shower is similar to a spa steam room. Joseph D'Agnese writing for describes a steam shower, "Simply put, it's a warm, vaporous steam room haven that takes the place of your ordinary shower stall." Soothing and relaxing steam heat can help clear sinuses and reduce muscle pain and stiffness. Lauren Phillips writing for says, "Steam has proven positive effects for dry skin and clogged sinuses; it also provides a huge opportunity to relax completely and comfort stiff muscles in a warm, moist space." Licensed professionals should be hired to install a steam shower to make sure it's properly sealed and installed to get the best overall experience.

Complete the relaxing shower experience by wrapping upin a thick fluffy towel that's been warming on an electric towel warmer. Towel warmers are available as wall-mounted or free-standing racks, cabinets or buckets. Robes and blankets can also be warmed in addition to towels while some warmer racks have spaces to warm slippers and other footwear to provide warmth and comfort from head to toe.

Your favorite drink, scented candles and low music will complete the atmosphere needed to achieve a spa-like experience at home.


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