New London spurns its downtown angel

George Waterman, who has been investing and keeping the lights on in downtown New London for more...


Mt. Holyoke picked the wrong time and the wrong place to make a statement

News item: Several members of the Mt. Holyoke College women’s lacrosse team chose to kneel...


The power of scents

You learn things in life, like the scent of your mother or the smell of braciole stewing in tomato...

Rick's List — Artificial Intelligence Edition

I sometimes think we get so caught up in the raging river of idiocy that is now our society...

Shaddup already with the tweeting!

No, not THOSE tweets from Washington (though, come to think of it, we all could do without them)...

Life on the wrong side of history

On August 8, 1775, Ebenezer Punderson was a refugee on the HMS Rose, a British man-of-war.


To restore Notre Dame, we must restore its fundamental purpose

The exclusion of God paves the way for a culture of death. If God does not exist, then inconvenient lives become expendable.

Connecticut shuddered under horsemen's hooves

Who are those figures on the horizon? What have they done to Connecticut? It must be the four horsemen.

Democrats must move fearlessly toward impeachment

Anyone who thinks there is a chance that Trump will lick his wounds and move on has not been paying attention. He will go on the offensive.

Democrats have only just begun to milk the political profits out of Mueller report

Add this witch hunt to the long list of reasons many Americans hate Washington. None of this political show affects average citizens, who are benefitting from a booming...

A big problem; a questionable solution

There are reasons Congress could not get the votes for a public option and why no other state has adopted the approach, though others are debating it as well.