Gov. Raimondo's Rhode Island roadblock bad policy

The governor's order to stop cars with New York plates has been called unconstitutional by the ACLU...


Game changer: My friend Doris tested positive for coronavirus

It's a relief to know Doris Burke is symptom free. Yet her story is also a cautionary tale.


Rick's List — Hypochondriac's Super Bowl Edition, part II

Finale of a two-part series on the wonders of hypochondria during a pandemic.

Hiking during a pandemic: Single file, no selfies or shared gorp

As our small group stepped well off a narrow, winding trail earlier this week at Hartman Park in...

Selfishness in the face of the coronavirus

My father’s favorite saying is that “Mankind’s greatest sin is...


Democrats can make reform a winning issue

Senators and members of the House of Representatives, and often their top aides, know stuff the rest of us don’t, or at least know it sooner.

In Trump they trust, facts be damned

Trump denied there was a threat. His administration failed to prepare. And even now he talks of quickly getting back to normal even as the pandemic accelerates. Yet many...

So do you ever think about what became of Dan Quayle?

Quayle thinks his fellow Hoosier, Vice President Mike Pence, is "doing an outstanding job. He's a comforting voice. He knows his facts. He does his homework."

Income inequality has dried the tinder. Could virus be the spark?

The United States has danced for decades around the issue of expanding income inequality, inviting destiny to eventually fuel a violent eruption pitting the poor versus the...

Don't let relief bill feed corporate greed

The airlines are big enough to get their own loans from banks at rock-bottom interest rates. Their planes and landing slots are more than adequate collateral.

Will COVID-19 cure be worse than the disease?

While the mere number of infections may sound scary, it is not so important. What may be most important is the percentage of people infected who die or require...