Catch the fever for high school football on Thanksgiving Eve Day

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for the first day of school, AJ Dillon to win the Heisman and for Dr.

Montville's Palmer shoots his age at Norwich Golf Course

Mike Palmer shot his age while playing Norwich Golf Course late last month. He's 75.


Kayaking the waves: Who needs a surfboard?

Lovely two-footers broke gently against the sandy shore — big enough for easy surfing, but...

Wrens indulge in dust baths

I thought the heat had finally gotten to me the day I saw small pieces of dirt moving around on my...

Rick's List - Dog Therapy Edition

More and more, as my wife Eileen and I watch coverage of events like Dayton and El Paso,...

On the corner of Church and Main

Taken before the turn of the 20th century, the photo shows a surrey and three men in front of what...


Bernie Sanders needs a shot of dignity

Sanders was never much of a team player in the Democratic Party. Indeed, he seeks the affiliation only when he's running for office.

State employees can work at home now -- if at all

The master contract signed by SEBAC with the Malloy administration in 2017 requires that telecommuting be offered, when "feasible," to all state employee union members.

Connecticut GOP doomed by embracing all things Trump

When new green card rules were announced, Connecticut Republicans, with their silence, appeared to acquiesce with the Trumpian approach, as they have consistently done during...

China does not have the upper hand in Hong Kong. Trump does.

Trump should make clear that the cost of military intervention will be capital flight, brain drain and the end of Hong Kong's preferential trade status, as well as any hopes...

The China challenge is America's new Sputnik moment

People aren't stupid. They know their futures depend on competing effectively against China in a global market.

Gov. Lamont, place winning bet with tribes. Here's how.

If the governor plays his cards right, state taxpayers, the economy and the tribal casinos can all come out winners.