Port authority chairman says Crystal Avenue tract was not on tax rolls

I know, it’s shocking to think a state-funded public agency would try to acquire public...


The Lonesome Polecat (SE Conn variant)

East Lyme believes its schedule has toughened it up for the homestretch.

Dr. King honorees, fittingly, keep the dialogue moving forward

The 10 Dr. King Scholarship honorees and their parents are not concerned with "who started it," a...


When health becomes a DIY project

I suspect I’m not the only one who gets into trouble every time I start a do-it-yourself...

Sunset with the Tuesday Night Paddlers

Is there any place on earth more stunning right now than this very spot?

Rick's List -- Annual Halloween Edition

We think of certain things or activities as being “wastes of time.” They are not...

The homeless boy who got his very own castle

Every time Thomas Waller glanced out at the New York Stock Exchange from the windows of his Wall...


Blue-state Republicans turn to Democrats

The new tax law purposely punishes people in the expensive-to-live-in blue states, which is where Wall Street people live.

Campaign promises probably won't add up

Clear differences, and some agreements, emerged in my conversations with state legislative candidates. But the difficult math confronting the next legislature will have the...

Trump has abdicated moral leadership on what should be core issues for America

The United States is more than a set of national interests. It is a set of ideas that have inspired seekers of freedom throughout the world.

Saudi connections another reason to elect Democrats as check on Trump abuses

Republicans have repeatedly showed us they don't give a darn if the president violates the Constitution or is influenced by his own financial considerations.

Democrats' smear of Kavanaugh sunk their own Senate chances

When you drag your party and your country down into the depths of political depravity, Americans will not reward you at the polls.

Nate Silver’s warning about midterm predictions that journalists won't want to hear

While it's quite probable — and has become slightly more likely — that we'll see a split decision in Congress, there's a solid chance it doesn't go that way.