New London’s embrace of electronic billboards is another bad sign

The city bucked the trend of municipalities legislating against electronic billboards and instead...


Volunteering at Jennings was just what Mr. Mike needed

This was Friday at Jennings School, which I like to call my new family. The last day. And so, all...


Rick's List — Going down the rabbit hole edition

Confucius mentioned the "Rule of Three" back in 500 B.C. He was a smart person famous for being...

Don't be a loser on the trail

One of my greatest fears about getting lost in the woods — beyond suffering for days...

The Lester family legacy

When Andrew Lester left Great Britain for Massachusetts in 1640, this intrepid immigrant probably...

A new generation emerges

It is said that the northern cardinal is the most desirable of all backyard birds. Its


A Republican finally reveals the truth about GOP tax cuts

Here we are, about a year and a half post-tax cuts, and deficits are ballooning. In fact, the deficit is up nearly 40 percent so far in fiscal 2019 relative to the same...

Needed outside review of New London schools has arrived

Having an outside, objective and credible agency conduct a thorough review is critically important if the public is going to have faith in the findings.

Nation moves deeper and deeper in debt

Historically, a contributing factor to the decline of great nations has been massive and uncontrolled debt. We are headed for a similar abyss.

Warren and Sanders are going in opposite directions

We can surmise that Warren is doing well because she has carved out an identity as the most policy-driven ("I have a plan for that!") progressive in the race.

Biden's surrender to pro-abortion radicals has damaged his 2020 prospects

Biden's surrender to the pro-abortion radicals damaged his presidential prospects. It made him seem weak and unprincipled.

Smart Mexican strategy is the latest Trump triumph media refuses to recognize

Positive administration accomplishments are often under-reported, spun, or ignored. We are at historic lows in unemployment, the president Trump engineered a historic tax...