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Transitions: New London's Shamrock Motors survives, evolves

Shamrock Motors, a New London institution for more than half a century, has new stewards, who are...


Another opportunity for change, real change, has been lost

Three months later. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to listen. Opportunities to edify.


More power to bicyclists!

Bike Stonington, a local advocacy group that promotes bicycle access, safety and awareness, is...

All history is local

"All history is local,” a friend texted me recently. He had been musing about the...

Happy anniversary, New London

This month marks the 376th anniversary of New London’s founding by John Winthrop, Jr. It...


Trump hovers, but the number of his likely rivals keeps growing

It could be quite a field. If so, the party will need an even bigger stage than at the beginning of 2016 campaign.

How children become progressives

As this school year comes to an end, the summer would be a good time for parents of public school children to consider what is truly best for their offspring.

Deal on abortion is possible but Dems prefer acrimony

Both political parties in Congress want to sustain the immigration controversy for partisan purposes more than they want a compromise that could resolve the controversy's...

If the Court loses its legitimacy, can its authority be far behind?

isn't it a bit unseemly for the wife of a Supreme Court justice to be part of a conspiracy to overturn an election? Or for him to fail to recuse himself from any cases...

Can Bob’s $10 million buy a strategy? He needs one.

How hard is it to beat an incumbent governor? You have to go back to 1954 to find the last time it happened in Connecticut.

The truth about America's second civil war

What America is going through is less like a civil war and more like Brexit — a lumbering, mutual decision to go separate ways on most things but remain connected on a...