Is lying to lawmakers OK in Connecticut?

Lies appeared to be part of the spectacle Wednesday at the Transportation Committee's hearing on...


The moment Waterford became Tuscaloosa

The universe hit the cosmic pause button for a moment Wednesday night at Waterford High, a scene we...


Rick's List — Meteorology Blues Edition

Scribe broadens the weather thesaurus

A quick dip to keep a tradition alive

The key is to act before any such hesitancy allows common sense to intervene.

One story leads to another

I’m grateful for, but no longer surprised by, the number of historians, curators, and local...

Shootin' the breeze

At the end of every day, I swear I'm not gonna do it anymore, but the next day, I start and I...


Not much romance in Santa's toy warehouse

Despite the massive changes in retailing, humans — and not just children — retain an almost primal need to venture downtown to see the holiday windows,...

Public-sector unions have France on the verge of total paralysis

Rather than holding France hostage with strikes, union leaders need to evolve in their thinking to target the government directly.

Nothing to lose but Connecticut itself

By itself it will mean nothing even if the Republicans win an election on account of disgust with the Democrats. Connecticut can be saved only by reversing direction.

Would you save dog that killed woman?

The story of Dexter's fatal attack on 95-year-old Janet D'Aleo sparks debate.

Chick-fil-A chickens out in culture wars

Appeasement doesn't work when there is a shooting war between enemies and it doesn't work in a culture war in which the left takes no prisoners.

Impeachment witnesses offer stark contrast to Trump associates

The contrast could not be starker. On one side are dedicated public servants seeking to protect America. On the other side are Trump and his thugs seeking to protect Trump.