Toll me, please

Instead of displaying responsible fiscal leadership, Connecticut Republicans choose political...


If you think picking an all-decade girls' hoop team is easy, think again

So much for an all-decade team serving as an amusing distraction. This was hard. And also testimony...


Trying to negotiate with people to increase their exercise

Fools and con men lay claim to knowing how to make deals.

Rick's List

Scribe suggests he can be New London's One-Liner Writer

Slip-sliding away on the Air Line Trail

Icicles that dangled from jagged walls of blasted rock glittered in bright sunshine earlier this...


Hell was a place called Auschwitz

Don't be fooled that it can't happen again. Along with forgetting, believing that it can't happen again will allow it to happen. And, in some ways, it is still happening.

Surreal times at a chamber luncheon

It was made clear, once again, that Rep. Courtney did not relish the opportunity to impeach President Donald Trump. He had to do it, he not so effectively explained.

Democratic attacks on Sanders were long overdue

The catchphrase on Sanders' website, Our Revolution, is "Campaigns end. Revolutions Endure." Indeed, he and his fellow socialists have latched on to the Democratic Party...

Those legally voting should know the English language

If it is a mandatory for aspiring United States citizens to speak and understand the English language, why is Groton – or any city in the state — printing...

Step right up, show trial begins

It is politics at its worst and opens the door, as some of the Founders warned, for "normalizing" impeachment.

Lip service aside, Davos' elite uninterested in tackling inequality

Popular anger is boiling over against elites seen as irredeemably greedy, corrupt and indifferent to the plight of most people struggling to get by