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Groton wants $12,500 in fines from Spicer Mansion

A partial shutdown of Superior Court due to the pandemic delayed a zoning lawsuit against Spicer...


Colin Kaepernick's knee never killed anybody

Colin Kaepernick is still deemed "unpatriotic" by many who have never had to fight for the...

Local golf courses are adjusting to coronavirus rules, and flourishing

Golfers, courses, adjusting to new restrictions and safety measures.


Rick's List — Call Me Rob Edition

Why do fighter pilots get to have all the cool names?

Waterfalls, history flow through Ayers Gap

We stopped to catch our breath — not winded by the climb, but enthralled by the stunning...

Not so easy, is it?

One of the more surprising things about the whole pandemic has been that while the ICU and the...


Another black man killed, a people reach a breaking point

How long can African Amerians calmly endure a revolving-door nightmare? How long before something breaks? How long? Not long.

Prepare now so U.S. economy never has to shut down again

Political gaffes, including absurdities from the Oval Office, combine with misinformation and miscommunication to create skepticism and public doubt.

Pandemic makes end-of-life care harder

Hospice workers themselves face new challenges. Some family members are afraid to even have them in the house.

Hair and now

The on-again, off-again reopening of salons and barber shops presents an early example of what could occur as retail businesses, museums, houses of worship, and others get...

'Snake oil' cures

While I don't doubt the president's sincerity, he has no medical training and never even played a doctor on TV. It is dangerous to promote drugs one knows little about.