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The Day is grateful for your gifts and engagement

The money readers donated on Giving Tuesday is crucial, but your participation in the daily miracle...


The Lonesome Polecat: YOUR semifinal previews~!

There's just two days left in the season. Don't miss either of them.

Online craps? Sorry, this is a table game that must be experienced live

I've found one gambling place where I choose not to participate: online craps. Sorry.


Tree, spare that woodman — danger lurks above

As I foraged firewood from the woods behind our house the other day, a persistent...

Lasagna or pumpkin soup for Thanksgiving?

Every Thanksgiving, it used to be that we had, like a good Italian-American household, first the...

Abby, get your gun

What if Abigail Hinman’s musket hadn’t misfired? What if she’d killed Benedict...


Smash-and-grab another sign of the times

You don't stand facing the back wall of an elevator. In heavy traffic, you take turns merging. You stop at the red light even when the street is deserted.

Thank you, Mr. Sondheim.

People who create beauty stand out in an increasingly dark culture, even when their creations seem dark, as do some of Sondheim's lyrics.

Tragic or not, that spiky virus shows he can fix stupid

COVID-19 now takes its biggest toll in the red, vaccine-resistant parts of the country.

What does 'fair' taxation mean in Connecticut?

The public also seems unenthusiastic about raising taxes, even on the rich, perhaps because it is hard to see what three decades of steadily rising taxes have accomplished.

Alarmed by the COVID-19 surge in Europe? Don't be

With our high vaccination rate of 82% and almost exclusive use of the 95% effective Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the spikes in parts of the nation are unlikely to reach the...

Democracy dies in news deserts

More than 2,000 U.S. newspapers have shuttered in the last 15 years. The communities they covered are now bereft of both the watchdog reporting that makes crooked politicians...