President Pelosi? Will Trump defect? Where will the Connecticut GOP hide?

If a Mueller report concludes the Trump/Pence campaign illegally conspired with Russia to influence...


UConn athletic success is good for state, but I don't see it happening

I took no joy from recent published reports delineating UConn's $40 million gap in the athletic...


Innovators in industry and the arts: the Scholfields

When Everett Scholfield photographed his family’s old woolen mill in Montville, he...

Rick's List — Rot in Hell edition

The other day in a convenience store, I overheard a pleasant customer, her voice seething...

At last: A transit plan focusing on biking, walking

Are there any people more coddled than drivers?

Birding excursions abound

It can take extra motivation to engage in outdoor activities when it is cold, but committing...


On drug prices, Americans are the real suckers

Other governments have taken it upon themselves to negotiate the prices their people will pay for drugs. With a few exceptions, our government does not.

The I-word leaps from margins to mainstream

No matter what happens next, the Atlantic cover story about impeachment is likely to get an entry on any timeline of the Trump presidency. Its impact was that memorable.

Trump's State of the Union options

Should President Trump decide to do an alternative report, either in writing, or from the White House, or even a retro address on radio, he is likely to get more attention...

One kid, one moment, one mentor

Americans optimistically supposed that dismantling structural racism would repair the racism of the heart, but equal opportunity needs self-esteem to thrive. Fortunately,...

Risks of a recession are rising -- and Trump might be to blame

Government shutdown, tariffs, trade wars are having measurable effects.