Furlough Electric Boat executives instead

Electric Boat, supported by billions of dollars in public contracts, should be able to keep its...


Courtney Williams: Not here anymore because she didn't want to be

Courtney Williams had a specific target in mind for the summer of 2020. It wasn't Connecticut.


Who’s watching whom? Eagles and kayakers on the river

“So, do you think any creatures beside humans go out of their way to look at other...

Rick's List Reliable Old Friends Edition

Taking comfort in the familiar.

The pioneers

Lucy Backus and Dudley Woodbridge left behind all that was familiar to them for a beautiful but...


Winning this 'gold' more cowardly than skillful

Democrats in Hartford have been working hard to cast an unpopular vote in a way that will cost them the least political damage. It is a sad sight to watch.

Like Nixon, Trump using Dept. of Justice for his own ends

Donald Trump seems determined to finish Nixon's agenda of rigging elections and making the Justice Department a cesspool of partisanship. And he won't resign.

Trump vs. Bloomberg, more than a Twitter battle

Trump has good reason to try to deflect the racism charge onto Bloomberg or anybody else but himself. But Trump calling Bloomberg a racist? Pot, meet kettle.

Acutally, Bernie Sanders is not doing so hot

What's remarkable about Sanders' performance so far is how unremarkable it has been. The Democratic majority will have to unite behind a moderate.

Democrats expose their toll cowardice

The same-time vote scheme proclaims that some Democratic legislators will support tolls only if they are assured by enough of their colleagues that they all can get away with...

Time to vote blue no matter who? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Vote blue, no matter who? Even if the "who" sees your boys and men as Xeroxes, to be interchangeably thrown against walls?