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Attorney General Tong argues to keep whistleblower complaints secret

The attorney general fought before the Freedom of Information Commission to keep a whistleblower...



Rick's List - Scholarly Personal Bookshelf Edition

You've heard of Rick's Bookshelf Arrangers, right? No? Well, it's my very successful...

Friends in high places: The region’s top overlooks

Everyone loves a view. Beyond the inspirational benefits, you can’t get much more socially...

Spirits ran high at colonial taverns

Churches and taverns were the first public buildings erected in new settlements; sometimes taverns...

The uncommon sight of common night hawks

Night hawks have declined by 60% since the '70s. Where I grew up, along the Connecticut River, they...


The public, the personal and the utter hypocrisy of the GOP

What's public, what's private, and where should government intervene? The question suffuses the impending election and much else in modern American life.

How are the kids doing? Teachers?

The normal stresses of going to school and teaching in school have been magnified many times by the anxiety caused by the pandemic and by social unrest.

The national debt goes unmentioned in 2020 campaign

Former Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Holtz-Eakin said the national debt is "quite literally mathematically unsustainable."

Odd couples of political convenience

The Lincoln Project's strategic goal is to give lifelong Republicans a "permission structure" to cross over and vote for Democrats this time.

More shootings in 2020 follow earlier decrease

People who, under normal circumstances, wouldn't consider owning a firearm but have been converted by the combustible landscape, now seek out means to protect themselves.

Unmasking Dubitsky's anti-science nonsense

Rep. Dubitsky faces Democrat Kate Donnelly in his re-election bid. She believes in science. That alone is enough to make her the better choice.