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Villazante: 39 radiation treatments ... then a 67 at Shenny

Frank Villazante doesn't let radiation treatments for cancer hold him back


Rick's List

Does anyone have any idea what Alex Trebek did was before he spent 37 years on...

Spring awakens on Rhode Island’s North-South Trail

The trail connects the state’s rocky and hilly terrain at the Massachusetts border with...

An increasing number of robins winter here

In reality, they are with us through the toughest winter weather and live in a wide variety of...

Gold miner, soldier, survivor

In 1855, John and Matilda Morgan, and Matilda’s brother, Griswold Avery, crossed Panama on...


It takes two parties to be bipartisan

Nine is a lovely number for a Supreme Court, and bipartisanship is fine, if possible. But they're not sacred. The power of the people? That's the sacred thing.

Until China's emissions are addressed, Paris Accord is a joke

China’s emissions are not only the world’s most, but they are increasing every year. U.S. emissions are about half as much and have been decreasing for over a...

J.D. Vance seeks to build bridges, maybe even among Republicans

We Americans need to offer more than simple "Save the Family" slogans about complex problems.

Basic deal between corporate America and the GOP is still alive

The deal between corporate America and the political class has proven beneficial to both sides, although not to the American public.

Offshore wind energy plans brighten State Pier's future

New London stands to be a major player in the Biden administration's drive towards a cleaner energy future, but some critics still see that as a bad thing. It's not.