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Eversource shames the politicians courting it

Connecticut legislators have remained mute while Eversource hasn't finished a deal to compensate...


Wild journey ends with Lathrop winning ninth Pequot men's title

Jim Lathrop's journey to his ninth Pequot men's club championship title featured numerous twists...

Killingly: the home of true Native American expertise

Maybe the actions of the Washington football team and from the Guilford school system would deliver...

Lee's retirement after all these years reminds us what Coast Guard football is about

Christian Lee, a 1997 Coast Guard graduate and the football team's all-time leading receiver,...


Going with the flow on the Pawcatuck River, Part III

While I lugged my kayak on a narrow path along the Pawcatuck River the other morning to join the...

Women running in the streets

Surprisingly — at least from this vantage point 100 years later — some of the 19th...

Rick's List - Defending Dr. Immanuel Edition

Hi! Dr. Rick Koster here! Normally in this column I try not to write too much about my own...

Seeing others do great things

Perhaps the best amongst us are those heroes who rarely receive enough recognition but who save...


Good to see Dalio back at it

Barbara Dalio was remarkably unassuming. She did not reek of rich. If she had met me for a business lunch at a Chili’s Restaurant, she would not have looked out of...

Protecting Joe Biden from a debate, and the Susan Rice dilemma

Putting him in a debate would be disastrous for the Democrats. So now liberal pundits are coming up with reasons why debates are unnecessary.

Personal encounter with COVID-19 and the bewilderment of health care

Similar to the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” every person who’d come into contact with my father was considered potentially infected, and each...

It was awful witnessing Lewis funeral used as political event

Democrats and their media allies consistently ignore the fact that Jim Crow Laws, the Ku Klux Klan and other immoralities were all led by Southern Democrats.

Over 150,000 dead and we're supposed to feel sorry — for Trump?

Why don't folks like Trump? How about his imbecility and his utter inability to feel — or even fake — compassion for other human beings?

Give historic theaters a hand

Don't underestimate the economic recovery role of the Garde and its ilk.