Somers seeks $10 million in state money to help campaign donors

Sen. Somers won't talk about her attempts to secure $10 million in state bond money for developers...


Dr. I longs for a time before all these inane stats were used

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for more exit velo, Gio Urshela for MVP and for calmer days in New...


Improving heart health

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology just published an entire edition, a...

Rick's List — Is Abby Ever Wrong? Edition

We in the journalism trade know there are a few inviolate rules concerning readership. They all...

Oh, no! Wasps are pretty smart!

Dinosaurs had such primitive central nervous systems that if you accidentally stepped on the tail...

For love of country

One of the points of interest was the gravesite of Gustavus Woodson Smith, an officer in the Civil...


Engineered babies and not-so-good intentions

Here's the dilemma: Gene editing could be used for enormous good or enormous harm.

End vaccine exemption and lock the car

Objections to vaccination may be based on conscience, personal preference, misapprehension, or ignorance, but to call them religious exaggerates them.

Crazy versus crazier, Democratic tax plans

The real problem, however, is that a state-level capital gains tax surcharge is completely uncharted territory into which no other state has ventured.

Former New London superintendent explains why he hired Gaskin and others with criminal pasts

If you expect people to get back into civilian life there has to be a chance for them to redeem themselves, that they can get a job and earn a living.

Can corporations save us from the attack on reproductive rights?

Recall that we've already seen companies cancel corporate conventions, sports and entertainment events, relocations, expansions and other investments over other social issues.

Feel-good minimum wage hike is bad economic policy

Compensation for managers and supervisors will presumably go up in proportion to the mandated raises given to lower-level workers. When the minimum wage goes up, everything...