Fishers Island's round house stands out, even in the land of unusual houses

An unusual round house on an oceanfront lot on the south side of Fishers Island is being restored,...


The Lonesome Polecat: NFA showed patience and it paid off in the end

NFA's fast-paced offense came in handy last Friday against methodical Killingly.

Dr. I: New London Legion now has an Oscar winner and a World Series champ

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for Thanksgiving, more RPO (run-pass option) and less RCS (Road...


Look out! Snake in a tree!

An enormous black snake, which by quick calculation measured at least 6 feet long, slowly slithered...

The joy is in the details

I love that "wow" moment when small details bring people of the past to life, when you suddenly see...


Trump has a knack for attracting self-serving grifters

President Trump has a history of engaging with people whose interests are at odds with those of the country — and often with his own.

In some states GOP ready to cheat; get prepared

But here's the bad news. Trump's party knows all too well that the numbers are against them, that they cannot win nationally without cheating. So, they do.

Unwilling to face toll of family disintegration, state hides it

Concealing social disintegration is not just mistaken policy. It makes Connecticut's suicide inevitable.

Tuesday's defeat could spell trouble for Osten in 2020

Republicans knew Osten was in trouble. Sprague has fiscal problems. It had backed Trump in 2016. The party's concerted effort to defeat her worked.

Trump's turn to a heretical, idolatrous adviser reason for concern

The great danger for the evangelical community is that they will be seen as worshipping a lesser and even false god than the one they are supposed to be worshipping and...

Jeffrey Epstein and Brett Kavanaugh: A tale of media double standards

It seems clear now, from the Ronan Farrow stories and other accounts, and from Amy Robach's hot mic take, that NBC and ABC showed great deference to Epstein and Weinstein.