Connecticut primary voters didn't have good choices

Self-funding millionaires, a felon and perennially unpopular candidates crowded the primary field.


No place better than Mohegan Sun Arena for UConn-Tennessee

Gasp! Not on campus? Not in downtown Hartford? Answers: no and no. Because much as we’d like...

Briggs breaks through with first Stonington Country Club title victory

Eric Briggs scored a breakthrough victory on Sunday, winning his first Stonington Country Club...


Rick's List - "Back in the Tube" edition

I'm taking an online course from the Iowa Writers Workshop called "How to Create New Idiomatic...

Breaking news: No escape from relentless reports on heat wave

“This is Faye Knooz, once again bringing you live team coverage of the season’s first...

The man who made time stand still

The Avery Homestead is probably the oldest house in Ledyard.

The rose-breasted grosbeak's race against time

The breeding season is beginning to wind down now, and the sound of young fledglings is slowly...


Trump's failure to condemn the bigots of the alt-right tars his presidency

What makes it impossible for many Americans who approve of Trump's policies to approve of Trump's presidency is his failure to reject the bigots who inhabit the fever swamps...

Trump and Omarosa deserve each other

People in Trump's orbit feel they need extra insurance because dishonor and disloyalty start at the top.

Online activists hit hatemongers like Alex Jones where it hurts the most - in the wallet

The process of applying concerted social-media pressure raises profound questions. What happens when these same techniques are used not to point out bigotry but to go after...

Dereliction of political duty in a tweet

The claim that California firefighters don't have enough water is not true, and to a moronic degree.

Republicans for governor: two we know, three we don't

State government's financial situation is so desperate that any governor who refuses a tax increase may be forced into radical measures just to keep the lights on —...

Almost primary day, for some of us

There are many races on primary Tuesday and most of them remain hard to predict.