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Rick's List — Thanksgiving Feast Recap Edition

In most ways, being married to a vegetarian for 27 years has been a good thing. My wife Eileen never proselytizes about the sorcery of peas or sneers at my own diet — although she did express mild disagreement a few years ago on our...

Above it all: Hiking along the spine of Connecticut

After strolling on a tree-lined trail alongside a sparkling reservoir, and then clambering several hundred feet up a rugged slope, we eventually reached a sinuous escarpment atop Meriden’s Lamentation Mountain.



Friends are short on sympathy after possible COVID exposure

DEAR ABBY: My husband came down with COVID and has been having a hard time getting over it. When he first started showing the symptoms, I took him to a drive-through medical clinic and got him tested for COVID. The results were...

Trust issues are remnants of past toxic relationships

DEAR ABBY: Marriage is considered to be imperative in my religion and culture. I'm 29 and still not married. I have commitment and trust issues with guys. I have been in only three relationships my entire life. Every time...

COVID causes rift between nurse's boyfriend, his sister

DEAR ABBY: I am a nurse in New York City. My boyfriend lives in Philadelphia. During the height of the pandemic, we didn't see each other because I worked on a COVID unit and contracted the virus. His sister became very controlling and kept...

Coin collector is blindsided by wife's sale of gold piece

DEAR ABBY: My wife recently came back from a gold/silver/coin merchandiser event and told me she had sold an old U.S. $5 gold piece (for probably less than it was worth). I was hurt, not only because I have a coin collection and...

Mom makes case for including longtime girlfriend in family

DEAR ABBY: I have been married to my husband for 38 years. Our two children are adults now. Our older son has had the same girlfriend for 11 years, but my in-laws still won't accept her because they aren't married, so they don't...

Pre-nup becomes road block on couple's path to the altar

DEAR ABBY: I have a delightful, caring, loving man in my life. We knew each other years ago when we were married to other people. Three years ago, after a couple of years of courtship, he asked me to move in. We are great together. He has...

Your stars Nov. 27

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Look at your finances, and sort out what it's going to cost to get what you want. An investment will change the way you live. Don't give in to uncertainty. Research and a solid partnership will pay off.