Leo and Cathie Gibson — Wedding Anniversary

Leo and Cathie Gibson

Noank — The family of Leo and Cathie Gibson celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Aug. 29. They were married in the Chapel on the Thames at the Groton Submarine Base in 1959. They celebrated their wedding reception at the...

Jim and Adele McGuire — Wedding Anniversary

Jim and Adele McGuire

The children of Jim and Adele (Munson) McGuire happily announce the celebration of 60 blissful years of their parents’ marriage Aug. 29, 2019. Jim and Adele were married at St. James Church in Rocky Hill Aug. 29, 1959 and went on to raise...

Vanasse 50th Wedding Anniversary

Vanasse 50th Wedding Anniversary

David and Donna Vanasse of Mystic celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 21, 2019. They were married at St Mary’s Church in Groton June 21, 1969. David is a retired police officer from the Groton Town, and Donna is retired from...


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