New times for old churches

Published: January 5, 2020 | Lisa McGinley

There may be a clue here toward understanding the churchy v. unchurched schism that is playing such a key role in American politics.

The maestro of municipal debates

Published: October 6, 2019 | Lisa McGinley

Get a handle on those running for the top local offices by watching the candidates debate on

Protecting rare birds, blue mushrooms and a prehistoric fish

Environment -- humans are part of it and it is part of us. Why wouldn't we protect that, in our own interests?

Who is the inspirational C.C. Scott?

A real person or a sort of avatar for the caring people whose work aims to heal the spirit if not fully cure the body?

You don't need to be a wonk

A policy is a fire drill for when something critical must be done, as it must now.

'The Thinker'

Janet Steinmayer's legacy is a Mitchell College that knows who it is. Parents know what to expect, students know where they fit in, New London knows the college is a thriving neighbor.