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A New London story: the tragic death of Tony Hsieh

Published: June 19, 2022 | Lisa McGinley

The story is that it doesn't have to end this way.

Do something

Published: June 5, 2022 | Lisa McGinley

The logical response from authorities to someone who sees something and says something is to do something about it. Not acting to prevent potential deadly harm wastes the courage of the person who reported what they saw. It signals others not to bother.

No sure thing: 2022 growing season is underway

What happens to the farm and ranch lands of Nebraska and the dairy and egg farms of Connecticut ultimately affects what gets to whose table.

Raises: the X-factor in diversifying the legislature

If a $40,000 salary enables a public-spirited newcomer to serve when $28,000 does not, a variety of scenarios could unfold in a legislature more representative of Connecticut demographics.

Far from Ukraine but making waves

'The best we can do is to let our kids to sail, make good results and represent our country with honor.'

One Constitution, many religions

Religion and government can serve as each other's moral checks and balances. They can share tasks that neither can accomplish as well on their own, but the First Amendment to the Constitution sets the ground rules for separation of church and state.

'Quasis': Ya gotta know what they're doing

As Candidate Lamont contemplates what he brings to his next campaign that he did not have to offer in 2018, Governor Lamont ought to reconsider his stance on transparency in the people's business.

First a pandemic, now Putin

We have something specific at stake in what this means for children, not only in Ukraine, but here and around the world, and not only military families but all families.

Two years of Covid is a big fraction of a 12-year-old's life

When sorrow strikes a school community, we have grown to expect that counselors will be available for any child or adult who wants to talk. That's healthy, and students now are in a parallel situation. Covid is a sorrow, the pandemic a painful episode that lingers.

Breathing while in school

Like eating breakfast, having clean, unstuffy air to breathe is a prerequisite for staying alert and concentrating on lessons. In a time of pandemic, filtering the air can be a prequisite to staying uninfected and in school.

A wintry impression of New York

New York City has long Covid, but it's still New York.

These talented teachers left an outdoors legacy

What an enthusiastic teacher can bequeath is a lifetime of devotion to nature. And Earth needs human advocates more than anything.

Money is the least of what the church has to lose

The non-financial cost has been mounting for decades: loss of innocence, loss of trust, loss of faith, loss of credibility for the church as a moral teacher on any subject and, ultimately, loss of Catholics.

Connecticut hustles on climate policy

Climate change will rapidly become the big issue — bigger than pension debt, bigger than deficits, bigger than Covid.

A different kind of essential workers

The Opioid Action Team acts on the belief that there is no such concept as a throwaway person.

Magnet attraction

New London High School improvements are a lift for a pandemic-weary school community and a place for pride.

Thanks for the memories

If we keep to the simple premise that it is a day to be grateful for and with the people we care about, the spirit of Thanksgiving survives any tarnish.

You can't save daylight -- but you can help save the planet

We have manipulated daylight time and our own sleep habits for generations. This encourages the idea that humans can make the same kind of stab at modifying their behavior to control temperature and dangerous emissions.

Changing times and familiar places

We now live in a generation in which people's sense of place is hounded by prefixes.

Think your non-profit is locally tax exempt? Don't assume so.

Non-profit agencies tend to be idealistic about the fact that they are trying to meet a need for the greater good. So imagine the shock and alarm when the more-or-less tacit practice of exempting their organizations from taxes is challenged. They don't budget for that.

Double holiday, single flag

The United States and its flag belong to all its people. That's what I meant to say when I put the flag out on Monday.

The civic DNA of (your town's name)

Home rule for 169 Connecticut towns costs too much in dollars, but it does pay off in local leadership.

Waiting to see if college ranking formulas still compute

Who can tell what the X factor of the pandemic year will be when a college is measured by what students now want from higher education?

Perilous combination: Afghan, woman, journalist

They did not necessarily report anti-Taliban news; they committed the sin of being educated, working women. To survive they must leave, and other countries must offer them refuge.

Camp Harkness and vaccines, yesterday and tomorrow

Connecticut has made vaccination against the covid virus easy for those over 12 to get, and has stood fast on requiring childhood immunizations against other diseases, including polio. The first campers and their parents would have thought that the moral is obvious.

Kids and companion free-for-all is a win-win

This particular use of American Rescue Plan millions satisfies my personal criteria for chasing away people's blues after sitting around during the pandemic.