'The Thinker'

Published: May 12, 2019 | Lisa McGinley

Janet Steinmayer's legacy is a Mitchell College that knows who it is. Parents know what to expect, students know where they fit in, New London knows the college is a thriving neighbor.

One kid, one moment, one mentor

Published: January 20, 2019 | Lisa McGinley

Americans optimistically supposed that dismantling structural racism would repair the racism of the heart, but equal opportunity needs self-esteem to thrive. Fortunately, there's a plan.

Build community at Ocean Beach

Simultaneous with developments downtown, Ocean Beach Park is on an upswing. This is the ideal time for the mayor and City Council to promote the city's unique recreational asset as the place that can bring people together, even year-round,

Landmarks finds history in urban geography

Urban renewal in 1960s New London, which created the just-closed Thames River Apartments, was influenced by federal policies meant to keep social class and skin color equivalent.

Grace and disgrace

Institutionalized abuse, like that for which the Catholic Church stands accused in the U.S. and other countries, is not religion any more than incest is family life. It's a dysfunction that harms every person it touches.

Investing in the arts is a hard sell

Arts funding is essentially a stimulus package, much like tax breaks for incoming employers or small business development money or funds to fix infrastructure.

Rescue by teamwork

There will never be a rescue that saves all those whose lives are threatened by opiate abuse. The odds are worse than getting out of an underground cave after days without food or sufficient oxygen. But many have a chance because of community teamwork.