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New season for the Rev. Florence Clarke

Published: February 21, 2021 | Lisa McGinley

She has lived long enough and made enough of an impact to see the change and be the change. She is still preaching because she has a lot left to say.

Don't let this be the anti-Thanksgiving

Published: November 22, 2020 | Lisa McGinley

Even scaled down to one or two or a few people, the holiday will still feel familiar when we get to the part where we remember Thanksgivings past, and who was there, and why we love Thanksgiving.

How are the kids doing? Teachers?

The normal stresses of going to school and teaching in school have been magnified many times by the anxiety caused by the pandemic and by social unrest.

2020: The deaths election

The United States is presupposed on the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In 2020, both happiness and the liberty of many Americans are tied up tightly with the right to live.

Out, out, get out!

The more we go outside, the less we actually have to stay home, as defined as being stuck inside four walls. Let's keep this trend going, adapting for cooler, cold and freezing weather.

Give historic theaters a hand

Don't underestimate the economic recovery role of the Garde and its ilk.

If you want to count, get counted

In this Census year, COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter make it make it more critical than ever to be counted.

Hair and now

The on-again, off-again reopening of salons and barber shops presents an early example of what could occur as retail businesses, museums, houses of worship, and others get phased in. Will Mom and Pop send Grandma and Grandpa away?

How we learned to say thanks

The experience of the unthanked generation -- Vietnam veterans -- taught Americans that we are in debt to those performing the most dangerous jobs.