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    Housing Solutions Lab
    Sunday, July 21, 2024
    Housing Solutions Lab
    Sunday, July 21, 2024
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    Ponemah Mill residents enjoy modern amenities in historic mill setting

    Ponemah Mill residents enjoy modern amenities in historic mill setting
    Tenants at the renovated Ponemah Mill in the Taftville section of Norwich are creating a neighborhood and cultural center for themselves and invited guests.
    Ponemah Mill’s transformation into 313 affordable and market rate apartments provides a solution to the region’s affordable housing crisis and ensures the mill’s continued status as a dominant landmark in Norwich’s Taftville village.
    Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut hosted a dedication ceremony Friday to celebrate its completion of the 10th and final home in the agency’s largest current development project.
    Accessory dwelling units, which are additions that can be attached or detached from a home, provide a solution, for some, to the state’s lack of affordable housing.
    New London County officials at a Connecticut College forum on Wednesday discussed the challenges of creating affordable housing plans that include practical solutions.
    A new report crafted by local housing advocates found New London County municipalities have, on average, done a passable, but not extraordinary job in increasing the affordable housing stock in their communities.
    Hundreds of new apartments, townhouses and single-family homes are on the drawing board or under construction in southeastern Connecticut, a building boomlet fueled in part by growth in the region’s defense industry.
    Residents of the Williams Park Apartments say their complaints of unsafe and unclean conditions at the Hempstead Street housing complex have long been ignored by the New London Housing Authority.
    Branford Manor residents have made a difference by speaking out about mold issues at the Groton housing complex, but issues remain.
    In Massachusetts, the Woburn Mall was ‘well past its prime’ when a developer approached the city with a plan to turn it into a mix of commercial and residential development.
    Two of the most sweeping affordable housing proposals before the state legislature this year, both with the goal of increasing affordable housing across the state through zoning reform, failed to gain passage.
    The Day investigated how people who are often unrelated are sharing apartments, paying individual or divided rent, in order to afford a place to live in the city.
    A rise in rents has forced young tenants out of urban neighborhoods, or into paying increased rents to stay.
    The Day is reporting on how financial literacy is taught as part of our Housing Solutions Lab, to show how young people are and aren't getting on track to manage the expenses of renting and homeownership.
    One proposal in the Connecticut General Assembly this year has the support of Democrats and Republicans alike, students and teachers, and banks and credit unions: requiring financial literacy education in high school.
    Lisa Dodson is 45 and single and in the final stages of becoming a homeowner with the help of Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut. The Day is following her journey as part of our Housing Solutions Lab investigation.
    Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2022 and dedicated its 100th home. This year, the nonprofit is working on its 107th house in eastern Connecticut. Here is the story of Lisa Dodson, who is working with the non-profit to become a new homeowner.
    New London built its first public housing project only after years of difficulty.
    One eastern Connecticut lawmaker said state pressure to create affordable housing where people can more easily commute to and from work will drain local economies, not b...
    Opposing interests are converging in Hartford to argue the merits of a bill that would incentivize the creation of affordable housing in ― and adjacent to ― places with regular train and bus routes.
    Members of local nonprofits, land trusts, colleges and banks gathered in a reception room at Connecticut College Thursday with one focus: improving affordable and equitable housing in the region.
    Connecticut evictions in 2022 surpassed pre-pandemic numbers. There were more than 22,000 evictions statewide last year, according to data collected by The Connecticut Fa...
    If you want to bear witness to the eviction crisis in southeastern Connecticut, spend a morning in New London housing court.
    At age 58, Janet Rose never envisioned a series of events would lead her to temporarily sleep in her car or wind up looking for a roommate.
    It used to be that a landlord, following an eviction, could simply toss a tenant’s belongings to the curb. Those days are gone.
    From the moment a landlord files a “notice to quit” ― giving a tenant three days to move out or face legal action ― it’s a race against time. Here’s how it works.
    A more than 9-hour public hearing before the legislature’s Housing Committee saw speakers debate ways to create more affordable housing.
    Senate Bill 1045 would eliminate the current requirement that evicted tenants’ property must be stored for at least 15 days.
    Supporters of proposed legislation to create new standards for mold in housing said at a public hearing Wednesday that the state’s lack of mold standards has tied the hands of officials and made it harder to address the problem.
    Nearly three-quarters of survey respondents believe every town should have housing options for residents of all incomes.
    State Sen. Heather Somers, R-Groton, said using tax incentives at the federal, state and local level could encourage large companies either to partner with housing developers or become developers themselves as a way to build up the state’s housing stock.
    Members of the public will be able to voice their support or opposition to a proposed affordable housing development at a public hearing on Tuesday.
    Attorney Beth Sabilia, a Waterford selectwoman and former New London mayor, has been named director of Center for Housing Equity and Opportunity in Eastern Connecticut.
    A remediation project at Branford Manor is underway following public health and rental code complaints, but residents say more needs to be done.
    The organization behind a push to build more homes around public transportation stations is back with a proposal that would provide incentives rather than require this kind of growth.
    Norwich’s new partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Eastern Connecticut has some successes and stumbling blocks.
    Michael Peery, of New London, is one of 14 applicants who have received funding, with assistance from the Homeless Hospitality Center, to avoid foreclosure.
    Housing affordability is among the priorities for lawmakers across the state this legislative session, and southeastern Connecticut is no exception.
    A nonprofit agency that runs three affordable rental properties in Norwich will receive $500,000 in tax credit investments from Norwich Public Utilities to pay for upgrades.
    State Sen. Heather Somers, R-Groton, the ranking senator on the Public Health Committee, said she plans to introduce a bill that would require the state Department of Public Health to develop standards and testing protocols for mold.
    In 2013, the City of New London’s Housing Authority lost the ability to administer 114 vouchers and surrendered authority over its voucher program.
    Affordable housing stock remains low in all but three communities in southeastern Connecticut, where many towns are designated by the state as “opportunity rich” for housing low and moderate income families.
    Mary Mace of North Stonington, who has run from rising housing costs her entire life, says rent control is the only option outside the limited number of subsidized housing vouchers reserved for those in the lowest income brackets.
    There’s a caseworker at Rocky Neck Village dedicated to 12 families rebuilding their lives.
    Affordable housing developer Harold Foley’s latest project is not in anybody’s backyard. The $16 million, 40-unit Brookside Commons affordable housing development is go...
    Groton―Sandra Fetters said she is trying to make as normal a life as possible for herself and her two daughters. She remembers the heart-breaking feeling when she left h...
    Salem ― One prominent local conservationist’s crisis of conscience has led to a merger of environmental and housing interests on almost 200 acres of farmland and forests ...
    The 28 units will consist of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. Nine will be leased at market-rate rents while the rest is a mix of varying rents based on income. Six units will be set aside for individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism.
    Stacy Parent, a US Air Force veteran, navigated the region’s competitive housing market, paying above the asking price for her new home and deciding against using a VA loan.
    Navy family relocates to New London County, but finds the process of finding and buying a home more complicated and more expensive than past moves.
    Buyer competition and concessions are beginning to calm after a frenzied sellers’ market in New London County.
    Area renters who are getting sick from mold say they feel as though they have no control over their health because of the housing situations they are in.
    Do you suspect your home is moldy? Here’s what to do.
    No amount of lead in a child’s blood is considered safe, and a new state law increases access to services.
    Connecticut’s aging housing stock and infrastructure pose a greater risk of lead exposure. Here’s one family’s story.
    In this episode of In Short Supply, we delve into the legacy of urban renewal and the complicated history of the Thames River Apartments in New London Connecticut. And we...
    New London ‒ Laughs and classic R&B and rap music filled the air at Riverside Park Saturday as friends and family who used to be neighbors at the Thames River Apartments ...
    New London — City officials and members of the New London Housing Authority went back and forth for decades about what to do with the Thames River Apartments. In the 19...
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qbm_4xcbU00 New London — The city lost 124 housing units for low-income families after the closure and demolition of the federally subsid...
    Norwich — About 14 miles north of New London along the Thames River, Esther and Alexander Viver have resided for four years in a tight one-bedroom apartment on Franklin S...
    New London — When Nakiesha Moore was born on May 1, 1988, the home address on her birth certificate said 48 Crystal Ave., the address for the A Building at the Thames Riv...
    New London ― Eleanor Magalis-Hempstead’s family was among the first to move into the C Building of the Thames River Apartments when she was 11. “It was beautiful when it ...
    Day staff writer Elizabeth Regan sets the scene as The Day begins a yearlong investigation into the housing crisis in New London County, discussing the short supply of a...
    New London – It was supposed to be the last resort. Jessica Varas and her fiancé Mark Beaudrot arrived at the Red Roof Inn on Colman Street with their two young daughter...
    New London ― Among the long-term holdouts facing eviction from the Red Roof Inn are the self-described “Narcan man and the nurse.” William Waddicor III, 33, and his fian...
    New London ― Darlene Kripps, with her history of escaping bad situations, can’t extricate herself from the Red Roof Inn. It was almost 20 years ago that she made the new...
    Groton – Christine Santos sleeps with her two youngest children at her feet, their toddler beds tucked into the cramped master bedroom in Branford Manor where the clos...
    New London County, like so many residents within its borders, is stuck. The 665-square-mile swath of land, moored by the insulated splendor of Long Island Sound and risi...
    Griswold – Kevin Curtis sleeps on a futon in the living room of the three-bedroom Jewett City apartment where he lives with his daughter, her fiance, and three children....
    New London – Clayton Potter was 23 years old when he purchased his first home on Prest Street as part of a grassroots initiative to promote affordable home ownership by ...


    No matter how you do the math, the housing equation in Connecticut always comes out uneven: 169 towns and cities plus 187 members of the General Assembly on one side and ...
    The work of The Day’s Housing Solutions Lab is made possible by the following major donors: Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, Melville Charitable Trust, Chels...
    Affordable and safe housing is a basic need for every member of our community, and yet it’s in short supply. The Day wants to be part of the solution and has undertaken ...
    Affordable housing: This general term applies to housing that doesn’t cost the people who live there more than 30% of their income. Affordable housing developmen...


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