Recorded History Watch Hill and the world-famous Ocean House resort

Built originally in 1868, the Ocean House in Watch Hill attracts thousands of visitors every year for its upscale dining not far from Taylor Swift’s beachside...

Ralph Roggero on basketball, then and now

Ralph Roggero talks with Keith about his days as head basketball coach at New London, and about getting back into the game as a volunteer assistant at Ledyard. Plus, Day...

Will we ever visit the places on our bucket lists?

There is so much art, history and culture in the world, and so much of it is so far away, how will we ever get to see everything we want to see before we die?

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Hamilton was never president?

A lot has happened to musical theater since Rick's favorite musical, "Pippin." Features editor Kristina Dorsey sits in to discuss how "Hamilton" has put hip hop in front of new audiences while teaching history lessons in a novel way.

CBS' Mo Rocca to begin podcast series on 'Mobituaries'

CBS' Mo Rocca to begin podcast series with his spin on obituaries

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Is it OK to laugh at Louis C.K. anymore?

What do you do when creey people make great art? Is it possible to appreciate art while disapproving of the artist? Rick and Peter discuss the talented comedians, musicians, authors, actors and athletes who were revealed to be terrible people, and...

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Chris Vincent on recruiting Dev Ostrowski

Norwich Free Academy graduate Chris Vincent, an assistant men's basketball coach at Miami Dade College, talks about the coaching and recruiting at all levels of college basketball, and about recruiting East Lyme's Dev Ostrowski.

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Buzz Killington championship preview

Yep, we talk about this Saturday’s football finals, and the CIAC won’t be asking us to come up with an ad campaign for them because we fear they’re going to be blowouts. Just call us Buzz Killington.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

A behind-the-scenes look at Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football executive producer Jay Rothman joins the Sports Doctor Keith O'Brien to talk about his journey as a television producer and his 31 years with ESPN.

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

THIRTY SIX MINUTES of hot CIAC playoff preview goodness

It felt like we only jibber-jabbered on about Tuesday’s state quarterfinals for about 20 minutes, but when you’ve got your stream of consciousness going on, time and space become a mystery. Thanks for listening, you beautiful mammals!

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Talking football with Dave Campo

Mystic native Dave Campo talks about his time as the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, his new position with USC, and Thanksgiving football memories.

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Rock you like a (New Britain) Hurricane

We’re back (at least this week) to jibber-jabber on about New Britain’s 33-14 win over Berlin last Friday and, in particular, Hurricanes’ running back Shawn Robinson. That’s followed by a hopefully not-too-boring CIAC...


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