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Episode 8 - The Letter, Part 1

On June 19, 2020, Tony wrote a letter from jail to his father, Robert Todt. In 27 hand-written pages, he catches Robert up on his family's lives leading up to the...

Ledge Light Health director urges patience as vaccine eligibility expands

Stephen Mansfield, director of health for the Ledge Light Health District, urged us to be patient as he updated us on the plan to get COVID-19 shots into the arms of the...

Rich Martin on his years of art and music in New London

Rich Martin has been and will be a committed and ubiquitous presence in New London’s arts scene. From TAZ and Secret Theater to Hygienic Art and The Telegraph, he...


Health director says patience will be rewarded with return to 'semblance of normalcy'

Ledge Light Public Health Director Stephen Mansfield, appearing Monday on The Storyline podcast, urged patience to those who are waiting for COVID-19 vaccines, saying that at first, "The system won't be able to keep up with the demand."

Episode 7 - What’s up, Cheesepuff?

We hear Tony's voice for the first time, in a series of phone calls from jail to his sister. Tony says he was not there the night of the murders, and places the blame on someone else.

Episode 6 - Celebration

The murders of the Todt family in the Disney-developed town of Celebration, Florida, impacted a community once founded on neighborly engagement. Some Celebration residents saw the tragedy as a wake-up call, a reminder that darkness may be present...

Federal prosecutors in Connecticut seek to dismiss, for now, Todt health care fraud charges

Federal prosecutors in Connecticut filed a motion Friday to dismiss a complaint of health care fraud against Anthony Todt, the Colchester physical therapist charged with killing his family in Florida.


Podcast: The Storyline

Ledge Light Health director urges patience as vaccine eligibility expands

Stephen Mansfield, director of health for the Ledge Light Health District, urged us to be patient as he updated us on the plan to get COVID-19 shots into the arms of the area's educators and older residents.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Sue Menhart - Making Her Own Headlines

Sue Menhart has been laying low during the COVID-19 pandemic, but looks forward to getting back in front of an audience with something completely different and crazy.

Podcast: The Storyline

'New London First' community center concept takes shape

Felix Reyes, director of planning and development for the City of New London, says the city will break ground in 2023 on a sustainable community center for every generation.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Ed Toth’s “pinch me moments” as drummer for The Doobie Brothers

Drummer Ed Toth has toured the world with Vertical Horizon and The Doobie Brothers, getting the chance to share the stage with the performers that comprise his record collection. No matter how far he has traveled, though, he has always considered...

Podcast: The Storyline

Collins says corruption runs deep in Connecticut Port Authority

Day columnist David Collins discusses ongoing problems with the "quasi-public" Connecticut Port Authority and why it matters to the City of New London.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Why you never want Cowboy Mouth to be your opening band

Fred LeBlanc of New Orleans-based Cowboy Mouth is Rick's all-time favorite rock and roll frontman. We asked Fred which frontmen influenced him, what's different about being a band from New Orleans, and why he no longer jumps off the light towers on...

Podcast: The Storyline

New London immigration lawyer hopeful policies will open pathways for legal residency, citizenship

Attorney Marcy Levine-Acevedo is hopeful the new administration will clear the pathways for clients seeking asylum and family reunification.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Crack the Sky’s John Palumbo: ‘We’re just a rock ‘n’ roll band.’

Long revered as the creative force behind a group regarded as one of America’s premiere prog acts, Crack the Sky's John Palumbo talks about life in fame’s cruel shadows.

Podcast: The Storyline

Odds increase in favor of Connecticut sports betting

In this week's episode of The Storyline, we talk to business reporter Brian Hallenbeck about the chances that Connecticut will finally legalize sports betting.

Podcast: The Storyline

Conversation on Race is personal for Rev. Florence Clarke of New London

Rev. Florence Clarke of New London, a longtime civil rights activist and member of the city's Public Safety Policy Review Committee, shares her thoughts on Wednesday's Conversation on Race discussion, and why the ongoing struggle for equity for...

Podcast: Leave Work Now

For composer Kenneth Fuchs, "contemporary classical" is not a contradiction

Kenneth Fuchs, Grammy-winning composer and University of Connecticut professor, discusses "Point of Tranquility: Band Music of Kenneth Fuchs," a seven-piece set for symphonic winds released last year by the United States Coast Guard Band under the...

Podcast: The Storyline

Covering UConn basketball in Covid Times

In the latest edition of The Storyline, sportswriters Vickie Fulkerson and Gavin Keefe talk about how they've managed to cover the two teams during the pandemic.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

A Brief History of Sea Chanteys - From Whale Ships to TikTok

Craig Edwards, ethnomusicologist and professional chanteyman, reacts to the popularity of sea chanteys on TikTok, taking us through the history of the music form and explaining how the songs aided work and life aboard sailing vessels.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. on The Lickerish Quartet’s new EP

Lickerish Quartet keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning Jr. joins us from Los Angeles to talk about the group's new EP "Threesome, Vol. 2."

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Tim Smith on The Lickerish Quartet’s new EP

Tim Smith, bassist for The Lickerish Quartet, joins us from Atlanta to talk about the group's new EP "Threesome, Vol. 2."

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Remembering Eddie Van Halen with guitarist Andy Timmons

Guitarist Andy Timmons talks about the legacy of Eddie Van Halen and shares a song we started writing after Van Halen's death. Timmons also shares some stories from his long and varied musical career - from playing in the metal band Danger Danger to...

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Bestselling author Ann Hood on the literature of grief

Bestselling author Ann Hood on the literature of grief, the joy of (essays on) cooking, and why flight attendants can write real good.

Podcast: The Storyline

Behind the scenes of the Norwich Times

Community editor Lee Howard talks about how The Norwich Times came about and what readers can expect in the latest weekly community newspaper launched by The Day.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Marc Zimmer on The State of Science

Marc Zimmer, a chemistry professor at Connecticut College and author of the new book "The State of Science," talks about the intersection of science and politics around issues like climate change and COVID-19, and what it was like to attend the...

Podcast: Leave Work Now

For The Rivergods, playing music is better than doing laundry

We talk with Ben and Nancy Parent of The Rivergods about releasing their new album "Passages" during the pandemic, and about the band's longevity.

Podcast: The Storyline

Artist Diane Barcelo on the intersection of her art and recent social unrest

Reporter Rick Koster talked to New London installation artist and art instructor Diane Barcelo about how her studio practice has intersected with the social unrest that has gripped much of the country this summer.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

How do new words get into the dictionary?

We talk with Joshua Pendragon, an independent researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary, about how new words are added to the dictionary, the challenges of researching obscure words, and the evolving nature of language.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Lewis Shiner and the great rock novel

Author Lewis Shiner discusses his latest book "Outside the Gates of Eden." Shiner brings his experience as a musician - he once played in the house band at a Dallas club called Boogers - to writing about music.

Podcast: The Storyline

How absentee voting expansion will present challenges for local officials

What can we expect during the primary and general election in Connecticut? Reporter Sten Spinella talked to a town clerk and registrar, and a college professor who has studied the use of mail-in ballots to find out.


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