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At a moment of historic disruption and change with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the calls for social and racial justice and the upcoming local and national elections, there's never been more of a need for the kind of local, independent and unbiased journalism that The Day produces.
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How absentee voting expansion will present challenges for local officials

What can we expect during the primary and general election in Connecticut? Reporter Sten Spinella talked to a town clerk and registrar, and a college professor who has...

Recorded History Mayflower II and Mystic Seaport

Randal Charlton, son of the man responsible for building a 1950s replica of the famed Pilgrim ship, tells the fascinating story of how it came to be donated to Plimouth...

ECC football preview: East Lyme, NFA, New London and Fitch

It's high school football time! Keith talks with East Lyme coach Rudy Bagos, Norwich Free Academy coach Jason Bakoulis, and Fitch coach Mike Ellis.

Lewis Shiner and the great rock novel

Author Lewis Shiner discusses his latest book "Outside the Gates of Eden." Shiner brings his experience as a musician - he once played in the house band at a Dallas club...



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How absentee voting expansion will present challenges for local officials

What can we expect during the primary and general election in Connecticut? Reporter Sten Spinella talked to a town clerk and registrar, and a college professor who has studied the use of mail-in ballots to find out.

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Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - an ambassador for melody in pop music

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and former Jellyfish and Imperial Drag bandmates Eric Dover and Tim Smith have released a new EP as The Lickerish Quartet. Manning talks with Rick Koster about the band's new music, the reissues of his solo albums, touring...

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One-album wonders

You've heard of one-hit wonders, but what about one-album wonders? We talk about some of our favorite artists that released one great album with no follow-up.

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Jazz pianist and pastor Jack Madry talks about how rhythm imbues everything including the BLM protests

Jack Madry, jazz pianist and pastor at Madry Temple Church, talked to Rick Koster about how music has inspired him throughout his life, how music played a big part during the civil rights movement and how he finds rhythm imbued within so much of the...

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Teacher and playwright Michael Bradford on finding inspiration and hope in these times of unrest

Michael Bradford, head of the Dramatic Arts Department at UConn and artistic director of the Connecticut Repertory Theatre, speaks about how he finds inspiration and hope through theater and the arts during the current period of civil unrest.

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Health, economic disparities and their impact on the COVID-19 pandemic

Connecticut College economics professor Mónika López Anuarbe about how long-standing healthcare and economic disparities have exacerbated the COVID-19 pandemic for communities of color.

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Dad sold a mobile home to Elvis, and other memories of The King

Rick shares memories of Elvis Presley, including the time his father took out a full-page ad in the local newspaper to brag about selling Elvis a mobile home, and the time one of Rick's band-mates impersonated Elvis in order to supply the band with...

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Poet and educator José B. Gonzalez on the immigrant experience, poetry and education

As part of our ongoing series of discussions with local artists of color, poet and educator Jose B. Gonzalez talked to Rick Koster about immigration, poetry, education and what it means to not see an accurate representation of yourself in popular...

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Social worker speaks about racial trauma, her personal experience and ways to cope

Social worker Janelle Posey-Green spoke to reporter Julia Bergman about the trauma of racism and what she is doing to help the black community cope.

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Kolton Harris talks about the role of art during times of social upheaval

Kolton Harris, executive director of Writer's Block InK, talked to The Day's Rick Koster about the role of the performing arts during periods of social upheaval and shared a song that he co-wrote recently.

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New London Poet Laureate Rhonda Ward on how art can soothe and inspire during these trying times

On this episode, The Day's Rick Koster talks to Rhonda Ward, New London's poet laureate, about recent events and how art can bring hope and inspiration.

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New London Drone Orchestra collaborates in isolation

The New London Drone Orchestra, a loose collective of as many as 18 musicians, makes ambient music that. is based largely on in-person improvisation. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, members of the group recorded separate individual performances...

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Hanging with Molly Hatchet, The Fixx, and Quiet Riot

There are some rock venues that everyone knows, even if they never saw a show there. The Winchester Lounge in Odessa, Texas is not one of them. But Rick got to meet members of many soon-to-be-famous bands there. Like the time he bought breakfast for...

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Dining out during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Day sent journalists - those who felt comfortable doing so - to various restaurants in the area during the Memorial Day weekend to report back about their experience. Here's what they had to say.

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As local restaurants and other businesses reopened this week, we were there

Restaurants and retail shops in Connecticut opened on May 20 after months of closure due to the coronavirus.

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The Rolling Stones released a new single. Did anyone notice?

The Rolling Stones' new single "Living in a Ghost Town" a few weeks ago to little fanfare. Did it get lost in all the coronavirus news, or are people just over The Rolling Stones?

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A new live album from The Reducers, recorded on a boom box hanging from a tree in 1980

Rick and Peter speak with drummer Tom Trombley and producer Richard Brukner about The Reducers' new live album "Live in Montville." The album comes from a cassette tape recording of a backyard concert in 1980, three years before the band released...

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What do you do when a pandemic keeps you off the stage? Perform in your living room.

Canceled tours. Delayed album releases. Loss of income. When the coronavirus forced everyone to stay home, many musicians had to quickly adapt to the new reality. We spoke with singer/songwriter Daphne Lee Martin, pianist/vocalist Eric Stevenson of...

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How is the pandemic affecting crime statistics and community policing?

How will the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately affect crime statistics in Connecticut and how will the circumstances of the pandemic change police strategies moving forward.

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That song is not from the 80s

Do all Young People think that songs with real instruments sound like they're from the 80s?

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When favorite albums make you sad, instead of happy

As he gets older, Rick is finding that the nostalgia evoked by his all-time favorite albums evokes feelings of melancholy instead of joy.

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Video storytelling and creative expression during a time of social distancing

Multimedia director Peter Huoppi talked about the creativity needed during this crisis, not only from our staff of visual storytellers but also from the community, as various groups continue to look for ways to connect and to express themselves.

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The story of a New London teen recovering from COVID-19

We hear from the mother of a 13-year-old New London boy who is recovering from COVID-19.

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Remembering Ellis Marsalis and Adam Schlesinger

Rick and Peter share favorite memories of jazz great Ellis Marsalis and Fountains of Wayne bassist/songwriter Adam Schlesinger, both of whom died from complications related to coronavirus.


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