Recorded History Local author tells 'Artful Dodger' story from WWI

Dirk Langeveld tells the story of millionaire Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, the most infamous draft dodger of the Great War and one of America's first airplane pilots.

Talking football with Dave Campo

Mystic native Dave Campo talks about his time as the coach of the Dallas Cowboys, his new position with USC, and Thanksgiving football memories.

Texas Roadhouse, Texas BBQ, and musical encores

Rick and Peter find some things to like about chain restaurants, find even more to like about authentic Texas BBQ, and try to determine the appropriate amount of time...

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Rock you like a (New Britain) Hurricane

We’re back (at least this week) to jibber-jabber on about New Britain’s 33-14 win over Berlin last Friday and, in particular, Hurricanes’ running back Shawn Robinson. That’s followed by a hopefully not-too-boring CIAC...

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Two-fer-one Podcat featuring Berlin and Naugatuck

Howdy. We apologize for deserting you last week, so we're going to make it up to you this week by talking about Berlin blitz of Bloomfield, Naugatuck's grit and speed, and other jibber-jabber. Always remember that even though we won't always be...

Podcast: Sports Doctor

World Series Preview with Pete Walker and Mark Simon

Toronto Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker and Mark Simons of Sports Info Solutions preview the World Series match-up between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Windsor Warrioring on, and I had a bad idea

We recap how things are going for perennial Class L contender Windsor, and then send the show down a ditch and into quicksand trying to do an audio version of BRACKETOLOGY~! We're sorry, but you should be able to get through it and will be better...

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Newtown and North Haven are both committed to the Manly Discipline of the Running Arts

Newtown is back to its dominant self this season. North Haven continues to win with new and inexperienced dudes. And they both run the ball LIKE MEN, so, yeah, we had to talk about them.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

A trip down UConn memory lane with Joe D'Ambrosio

For 26 years, Joe D'Ambrosio was the voice of UConn basketball and football on WTIC radio. He shares some of favorite memories and talks about his new projects with Fox 61 and WTIC.

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Episode 5: Primary colors — (Southington) Blue (Knights) and Red (Greenwich Cardinals)

There's lots of jibber-jabber therein about the Southington Blue Knights' seemingly unpossible 27-24 win over New Britain last Friday, and how the Greenwich Cardinals quickly became a state terror again. Thanks for listening. It's mighty neighborly...

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

We’re talking about the tech school football experience. DIY!

We discuss the Thames River Crusaders and tech school football, NFA’s Elijah Parker, The Day Top 10 state coaches’ poll, and whatever else happened to pop into our brain during the recording.

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Episode 3 - Who are YOU to doubt Darien and Ansonia?

Darien and Ansonia both suffered heavy graduation losses. Like it's mattered. Both superpowers are unbeaten and smashing opponents.

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

We’re coming from a place of love, ECC

This week, we discuss the ECC’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend, Shelton, Enfield, and The Day Top 10 state coaches’ poll.

Podcast: The Lonesome Podcat

Who am I? Why am I here?

It’s the debut of the Lonesome Podcast, a discussion of Connecticut high school football and companion piece to the Lonesome Polecat, North America’s most beloved blog. We discuss St. Joseph’s rout over New Canaan,...

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Fitch’s Mike Ellis and Montville’s Tanner Grove

Fitch head football coach Mike Ellis and Montville head football coach Tanner Grove talk about their impressions of their teams after the first two weeks of the season.

Podcast: Recorded History

Tales of the Whaling City

Mystic Seaport historian Fred Calabretta takes us on a high-seas adventure as he delves into the fascinating world of 19th century whaling, particularly the largely untold story of black whalers in New London.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Jack Cochran on his return to coaching

After several years away from the game, Jack Cochran will be back on football sideline as an assistant coach at Killingly this fall. Cochran, who won eight state championships as a head coach at Bloomfield, New Britain and New London, talks about...

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Ned Griffen previews the Connecticut high school football season

Who will be number one in the first state poll? Which ECC teams will make the playoffs? How do Killingly and Fitch match up against the rest of the state? Ned Griffen, author of The Day’s Lonesome Polecat football column, has the answers.