Recorded History Memories of Ocean Beach

Author Ken Keeley talks about his new book, “A Pictorial Journal of Ocean Beach Park,” recalling the New London beach’s early days as a fun spot for...

Mystic Schooners head coach Rob Bono

Keith talks baseball with Rob Bono, head coach of the Mystic Schooners in the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

Why did so many people leave the Kendrick Lamar concert before it was over?

Put down your cell phone! Stay until the end of the show! And stop talking! Rick went to see Kendrick Lamar recently, and can't understand how millennials behave at...

Case Unsolved: The Murder of William Spicer, Episode 2

Case Unsolved: The Murder of William Spicer, Episode 2

Episode 1: William Spicer loved the outdoors and his tree farm

Spicer was a businessman, landowner and member of one of Groton's oldest families.

Case Unsolved trailer: William Spicer Jr.

William Spicer Jr, 82, was found stabbed to death in March of 1995 on his Christmas Tree farm in Groton.

From the archives: Desiree Michaud links and photos

A collection of links and photos related to the Desiree Michaud story.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

After a miserable U.S. Open, why the Travelers Championship is the best golf tournament out there

Joe Zone of WFSB 3 explains how the Travelers Championship in Cromwell has become a favorite tournament for PGA golfers, fans and media.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Homemade earplugs at the Slayer concert

Rick went to review Slayer's show at Mohegan Sun Arena, part of their Farewell Tour, and it was so loud, he had to improvise a pair of earplugs.

Podcast: The Storyline

Pros and cons of $15 million dollar investment at State Pier to accommodate offshore wind projects

This week we discuss the state's investment at State Pier, we hear the latest on ticks and tick-borne pathogens, and we get a recap of last week's Coast Guard Academy graduation.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

New London football coach Johnny Burns

Johnny Burns talks about taking over as head football coach at his alma mater, New London High School. Also, Casey O'Neill talks about WWE moving to Fox.

Podcast: Recorded History

Ballads of the past

Tom Callinan of Norwich, the first official state troubadour, takes us on a musical journey through two centuries of American history, including songs about the first submarine built in Connecticut and a famed dog from WWI.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Rick and Peter watch the Royal Wedding

Rick calls Peter at 6:30 Saturday morning to make sure he doesn't miss the Royal Wedding.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Fleetwood Mac, The Moody Blues, and Childish Gambino

Rick reacts to some news about his favorite musicians – Neil Finn of Crowded House joins Fleetwood Mac, and The Moody Blues are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And what do you think about the new Childish Gambino video for...

Podcast: The Storyline

A debate over recently announced state incentive package for Electric Boat and we visit a pair of pet geese

Editorial page editor Paul Choiniere and columnist David Collins to discuss Governor Malloy's recently announced economic incentive package for Electric Boat. Reporter Martha Shanahan got a chance to visit with a pair of pet geese in Waterford who...

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Tim Burrows explains launch angle and exit velocity

Are you fed up with modern baseball stats like launch angle and exit velocity? Tim Burrows, co-owner of Power In Training, talks about the importance of these stats, and whether travel baseball is a bad for young athletes.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Providence coach Ed Cooley reflects on the NCAA basketball season

Keith talks with Providence College men's basketball head coach Ed Cooley about the Friars' run in the Big East tournament and his thoughts on the NBA playoffs.

Podcast: The Storyline

Montville Public Schools in the news and L+M Hospital helps a terminally-ill woman celebrate life

We take a look at the timeline of events at Montville High School that led to the arrest of a substitute teacher and charges being filed against three adminstrators. And we look at how hospitals help terminally-ill patients celebrate life

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Waterford’s Michael Burrows and Mikey Buscetto

Keith talks with a pair of state champions from Waterford High School: UConn-bound pitcher Michael Burrows and Southern New Hampshire-bound point guard Mikey Buscetto.