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Town-by-town review of police accountability

A review of police use-of-force policies and complaints in southeastern Connecticut

The region's police departments vary in size and structure, and the communities they serve range from rural to urban. Some of the departments have civilian review boards or police commissions. Shootings and other deadly use of force are rare and are investigated by outside agencies and prosecutors.

Ledyard Police

Ledyard police processed 17 complaint investigations in 2 years

Groton Town Police

Complaints against Groton Town police range from parking tickets to election interference

Groton Town Council candidates complain police union president plotted 'October Surprises'

Groton Town Council taking step to review need for civilian committee on police matters

Groton City Police

Groton City Police release complaints while working on community relations

Documents reveal Groton City police officer was fired after lengthy investigation of sexual misconduct

New Police and Community Together group in Groton City develops initial action items

Stonington Police

Stonington mandates police intervene during unjustified use of force

Investigation criticizes Stonington police response to Crystal Caldwell assault

Montville Police

'Simple' traffic stop led to complaint against Montville police officer

Black Montville man has regrettable history with town police

New London Police

Complaints against New London police are wide-ranging; most deemed 'unfounded'

Relevance of New London police community relations board questioned

New London forms committee to look at police policies

Norwich Police

Norwich police, community members work to ensure better relations with police

Waterford Police

Waterford police processed 7 complaint investigations in two years

Defunding the police

What do people mean when they call for defunding the police?

Militarization of Police

How military gear found its way into police forces in southeastern Connecticut

New London and Norwich have armored vehicles. Ledyard has 23 semi-automatic weapons. Norwich has riot gear. All were acquired through the 1033 Program, a federal initiative that funnels excess military equipment to local police departments free of charge.

New London gives thumbs-down to police department's former military vehicle


Norwich NAACP supports state police accountability law

Locally, some officials laud police reform bill, others call for further review

Opposite police votes don't divide Democrats representing New London

Police Accountability Act aims for more independent investigation of deadly use of force

Police training

At police academy, recruits learn to confront implicit biases, get to know communities


At youth-led protest in New London, organizers came with list of demands

Faces of protest

Demonstrators march in New London to protest George Floyd death

In wake of Black Lives Matter protests, some activists sit down with police

New London and Ledyard recognize Fourth of July with Black Lives Matter protests

Close to a thousand join Black Lives Matter march through Groton

Joint Black Lives Matter protest to be held Sunday in Ledyard

Protesters speak up for Black lives in Preston

Stonington rallies in support of hotel assault victim, Black Lives Matter

Hundreds protest in Norwich, Mystic on Tuesday

Protesters answer call to action at Groton sit-in

Black police officer perspective

Navigating two worlds: Black police officers discuss wearing a badge