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Deadly Addiction: Heroin

Faith, recovery and sharing a way of life for Norwich man

Faith, recovery and sharing a way of life for Norwich man

Fifty-two year old Frank Novajovsky heads up the local chapter of Reformers Unanimous, a faith-based recovery program at the Stedfast Baptist Church in Groton. This year, he also has been involved in a community effort to help those addicted to opioids, attending vigils and offering help and prayer.

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Federal grants will help continue Norwich overdose response and recovery program

The Norwich Recovery Program, a collaboration between Norwich police and Reliance Health, will be boosted by separate federal grants to each partner.

Municipalities await funds from multiple opioid settlements

Southeastern Connecticut municipalities that agreed to join a $26 billion national opioid settlement in January will start to acquire money after April; meanwhile some continue to await funds from other settlements.

6-year-old boy drank from a fentanyl-contaminated water bottle; father to be sentenced

On a winter night in 2019, a 6-year-old boy drank from a water bottle that had fentanyl in it. He was rushed to the hospital and saved by Narcan, a drug that stops the effects of opioid overdoses.

New London County sees spike in drug overdoses

The state Department of Public Health this week issued a public health advisory regarding a spike in drug overdoses in the county, some of them fatal.

Mashantuckets, Mohegans reviewing $590 million in opioids settlements with U.S. tribes

Local tribes had filed separate lawsuits against dozens of pharmaceutical companies, drug distributors and pharmacies.

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Rising 'deaths of despair' a national crisis

Recent bad news that overdose deaths are up again in the region is part of a bigger story of may people, particularly young people, drawn to addiction and suicide.

Busting a drug ring

That local businesses were implicated in the alleged laundering of drug money added to the disheartening and disconcerting aspects of this story.

Need for teen program shows extent of crisis

The program, which combines intensive therapy along with medication-assisted treatment, aims to prevent youth from falling deeper into addiction’s throes.

Continuing local progress in opioid fight

The ultimate measure of a new state law, a New London city ordinance, and a voluntary certification program for sober homes will be whether more addicts survive re-entry into daily life.

Story of hope

George Walker has moved forward, one day at a time, as have millions like him.