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2015 Blizzard

Yes, it was a blizzard - at least for southeastern Connecticut

Yes, it was a blizzard - at least for southeastern Connecticut

Bone-numbing wind and blinding snow was blowing through downtown New London this morning, creating monstrous drifts and making visibility nearly impossible.

January blizzard declared major disaster

President Barack Obama has approved Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's request to declare the January blizzard a major disaster, enabling parts of the state, including towns and cities in New London County, to receive federal aid.

UPDATED: High winds, snow and then frigid temperatures today

With blizzard conditions and then sub-zero temperatures on tap, some look to Amtrak to escape the region.

Snow adds up to some big numbers in New London

Since the morning of Jan. 26, when the first flurries of what would become a significant blizzard began to fall, Mother Nature has dropped as much as 34.8 inches of snow on parts of the region. That and other numbers help tell the story.

School cancellations push back last day

Just as they did at this time last year, school superintendents throughout the region are counting days and checking calendars to calculate the new – and ever changing – last day of school.

Meals on Wheels rolled out early delivery in case of travel trouble during storm

When it comes to feeding the needy or the homebound during a snowstorm, you can’t cancel services, call in a personal day or go on a two-hour delay.