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Sailfest 2015

New London celebrates 38th Sailfest Friday through Sunday

New London celebrates 38th Sailfest Friday through Sunday

New London celebrates the 38th annual Sailfest Friday through Sunday with live music, carnival rides, food and attractions, a 5K road race - and much more.

Groton slashing case headed to major crimes court

Andre Young, 20, who is accused of slashing two men on July 11, will make his first appearance Tuesday in the New London court where major crimes are tried.

State: Sugar gliders company should have had pet shop license

The company that sold sugar gliders at Sailfest should have had a pet shop license from the state Department of Agriculture, the supervisor of the state animal control division said Wednesday.

From road race to wrap-up, Sailfest closes on a high note

Two days of perfect summer weather and a “well-seasoned” group of organizers helped make the 38th annual Sailfest a success this weekend, with no major problems reported by police.

Dancing at Custom House Pier

LaShonda Randle, left, and her daughter Niajah, 13, dance to the music of Darik and the Funbags on the Custom House Pier stage, during the final day of Sailfest in New London, Sunday.

Marsupial vendors at Sailfest tout animals' attributes, but PETA disagrees

Amid the Sailfest vendors hawking jewelry, Ecuadoran imports, handmade soaps and all manner of edibles, one booth offered perhaps the most exotic item to be found at the fair: small marsupials native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia known as sugar gliders or sugar bears.

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