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'City girl' from Miami sees activism as reason to stay in New London

'City girl' from Miami sees activism as reason to stay in New London

Yanitza Cubilette is one of seven people between the age of 18 and 25 to receive a Soros Justice Youth Activist Fellowship this year. Working full time out of her apartment on Granite Street and an office in the Hearing Youth Voices headquarters, she plans to to develop a statewide network connecting teenage would-be activists to training and resources that they would not otherwise learn about until they were working at a nonprofit organization.

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Valenti brothers see Connecticut as strong underdog

Joel and Robert Valenti, both managers in their family's well-known auto business, have bucked millennial trends by coming home to Connecticut, where tens of thousands of young people have left in the last few years.

Drawn by music scene, he raises a family in New London

Five years ago, Jefferey Hart paid cash to buy a "major fixer upper" in New London, a city he's loved for its music and creative scene. Married with two young sons and another kid on the way, Hart recently won a seat on the New London Board of Education.

After a transfer to New London, a Massachusetts transplant finds a home in Connecticut

Amanda Klay made a left turn and transferred to Connecticut College in New London during the spring semester of 2010. And she hasn't left Connecticut since.

New London a big enough stage for Flock Theatre's Victor Chiburis

His return was based on the opportunity to work freely within his respective career field — in this case, theater.

'Miss Monica' moved to New London and hasn't stopped moving

When she wasn’t dancing, Monica Fish was teaching her siblings through watching videos. Now her kids expand all over the region.

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Connecticut confronts the millennial generation

With its small cities and long winters, the state faces a big challenge in attracting successful millennials and the businesses they work for.