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Make a Difference 2021

GALLERIES: Make a Difference 2021

Make A Difference recipients enjoy their gifts, thanks to the community

In another successful year of The Day's Make A Difference series, the community response made all the difference in the lives of individuals through nonprofits and organizations in the region.

Make A Difference: Westerly Area Rest Meals

Susan and Peter and their two young children are living in a shelter after losing their jobs, access to child care and their home.

Make A Difference: Opportunities Industrialization Center of New London County

The agency seeks to help three of its students who don’t have the means to provide their children with Christmas gifts.

Make A Difference - Reliance Health

David was recently granted custody of his 1-year-old daughter and will be moving into his own place with his daughter soon.

Make a Difference: Homeless Hospitality Center

The center in New London is looking for donations for people who are experiencing homelessness and are away from their families this holiday season.

Make a Difference 2021 VIDEOS


Making a difference for our neighbors

The Make A Difference appeal has endured from the Great Recession through better times and then into the Covid-19 pandemic because it links givers with specific people in need of specific kinds of support.