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More Than A Month 2022

More than a Month: Pride

More than a Month: Pride

GALLERIES: More Than A Month 2022

We may be entering a new era of activism for gay rights

A Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade will put new emphasis on guarding other settled issues like gay marriage and adoption and job discrimination.

OutCT: Nonprofit serving region's LGBTQIA+ community is here to stay

After nine years of existence, the organization has a home on State Street in New London.

New London therapist hopes public education will raise acceptance, understanding

Chevelle Moss-Savage counsels clients on ways to navigate life's changes and engages in public activism to support LGBTQIA+ communities.

Waterford barber celebrates 25 years of acceptance in shop and community

As a gay woman, Waterford barber Michelle Ramos said she feels pride in having been accepted for who she is in her shop and in the community.

From the streets of New York to a beach in New London: How Stonewall led to Gay Pride events in NYC and worldwide

The first Gay Pride march in New York City took place a year after the riot, and then parades spread across the country.