Exploring tango with Leornardo Suárez Paz’s Cuartetango String Quartet

Leornardo Suárez Paz's Cuartetango String Quartet performs at La Grua Center.

Ah, yes! Salsa, samba, tropiqueno, norteño, cumbia, porros and mapalé, various merengues, mariachi, hesparo, huayño, gaita, milango, bolero, bachata, reggae, conjunto, ranchero, montubio ...

These are but a few of the decidedly rhythmic musical forms that flourish in South America, Mexico and the Caribbean - and all of them are basically fun as hell, particularly in the live context.

You should consider, then, the opportunity to see Leornardo Suárez Paz's Cuartetango String Quartet when they perform Saturday afternoon as part of the Music Matters program at La Grua Center in Stonington Borough.

Nominated in 2012 for a Latin Grammy, the group presents a multifaceted history of tango, relying not only on a golden tradition but taking it into the future.


Music Matters presents Leornardo Suárez Paz's Cuartetango String Quartet, 5 p.m. Saturday, La Grua Center, 32 Water St. #7, Stonington Community Commons, Stonington Borough; free; (860) 535-2300, lagruacenter.org.


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