RYXNO brings anthems to New London for Wednesday show at 33 Golden

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There's a perverse delight amongst certain musician who insist on giving themselves band names that are difficult to pronounce. While this seems counterproductive to solid marketing strategy, it's nonetheless an integral component to the whole "See? We are rebels in song and deed!" philosophy espoused by many rockers.

Consider New Haven's RYXNO. Not only are they throwing down the "all caps" construct, they've added the diabolical "X" in the middle of the name — and as we all know, "X" is no fun to pronounce in the first place.

But let's make this easy. Don't pronounce the band's name "Rikes-no." Instead, it's like the animal: Rhino (though, now that I think about it, "rhino" is spelled like you could say, "Ruh-HEE-no."

Anyway, yes: New Haven's RYXNO is one of the state's best rock bands. They have that anthemic thing going on and more than a little debt to folks like U2 or The Alarm — all reconfigured with their own post-aught songwriting acumen as per giant tunes like "Outside." Also, live? The dudes absolutely bring it. See them Wednesday in New London's 33 Golden Street. It'll be the best middle-of-the-week decision you've made in a long time.

RYXNO, 9 p.m. Wednesday, 33 Golden Street, 33 Golden St., New London; $5; (860) 443-1193, ryxno.com.



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