Money is wasted by York's leaky faucets

Fifty percent is a low, crude estimate of the number of water faucets in cells and shower faucets leaking water continually on any given day at York Correctional Institution in Niantic. Some of the faucets drip slowly all day long while some of the sink faucets, stuck in the "on" position, run full blast for two or three days before maintenance workers are sent to the units to turn the water flow off and repair them.

Thousands of gallons of water are wasted in these ways at York every day, at taxpayer expense.

Connecticut citizens already resent having to pay $40,000 per year to house, feed and clothe each inmate confined in the state prisons. Heaped upon these necessary costs are the unnecessary costs of thousands of dollars' worth of wasted water going down the drain at York daily.

The water conservation agreement that was established between the Connecticut Department of Correction and officials of the town of East Lyme about 10 years ago, requires the warden of York to restrict water usage here as much as possible, to prevent the town's reservoir from running too low.

The water waste described above breaches that agreement.

York officials' internal policy of allowing broken faucets to drip or gush water continually for days or weeks needs to be shut off.

Editor's note: The writers are inmates at York Correctional Institution.

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