Arrested priest lives with eyes wide shut

As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, I'm drawn to shocking stories such as the recent arrest on child pornography charges of Rev. Dennis Carey.

A tragic man, indeed, who despite access to pricey legal counsel, did not enter a not guilty plea. However, I take exception to remarks from both him and his lawyer, wherein they both emphasize that these awful misdeeds did not rise to the level of children being actually touched by Rev. Carey. In other words, they seek some sort of recognition that there isn't a parade of victims coming forth.

However, there is something the good reverend and his erudite lawyer are missing. Rev. Carey, in being an aficionado of this depraved material, is thereby responsible for creating a demand for it, and thus, the resultant lucrative and prolific sinister black market industry surrounding it. Those who see themselves as just "mere consumers" of the illicit sex trade industry (child pornography, sex trafficking, etc.) help to facilitate it in such a way that it makes them responsible, in part, for the thousands of unseemly acts depicted in those films.

Rev. Carey, you do have victims, thousands of them.

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