Get to the truth about Benghazi

I'm outraged at the mainstream media in failing to keep Americans informed not only on both sides of the political street but, most important, on Benghazi.

Our government was established "by the people, for the people" and we had the right to know the facts regardless of whether or not an election was in progress.

A government "for the people" does what it can to protect its people from things that might harm them, and what's beneficial for its people rather than what's beneficial to those in power.

Our government ignored Ambassador Stevens' pleas for increased security. which resulted in the death of four Americans.

They lied about the facts to avoid upsetting their balance of power during the election, and the media served as their puppets in transmitting their lies to us instead of investigating and reporting the truth.

Now Americans aren't only uninformed but misinformed. With the election now over and the investigation into Benghazi beginning, I hope the media will report honestly, without bias and do their part in seeing that justice is served on behalf our four fellow Americans who were murdered in Libya.

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