Two words: Paul McCartney. One more: Nirvana

So, you might’ve heard about last night’s Hurricane Sandy benefit concert at Madison Square Garden. Dubbed "12-12-12" it was a huge event, on what many believed to be an auspicious day, featuring The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, The Who, Eric Clapton, Coldplay, Alicia Keyes and Bon Jovi, among others. Aside from being what was likely the most socks-knockingoffingest concert ever, the event raised many millions of dollars for the Robin Hood Relief Fund; it raised $30 million BEFORE the show even started.

Paul McCartney, as a historic do-gooder, was among the performers last night. Any performance by any Beatle is automatically one of the Coolest Things Ever, but McCartney upped the ante last night and proved that he can still make audiences squeal with delight.

Yeah, so Macca, goes onstage and starts this little rap about how he’d recently been approached by a band to jam a bit. Whilst jamming, Macca said, the band made sure to remind him that they hadn’t performed in quite some time. McCartney was confused, he said, by their consternation.

And then McCartney said, “...and then I finally understood that I was in the middle of a Nirvana reunion. (Crowd roars.)

Drink it in people...


They played a song called “Cut Me Some Slack,” a new tune that’s never been played live.

And I forgot to tune in for the show, depsite the several times I reminded myself to do just that. God bless the Internet. notes, “The song was recorded earlier in the year at Dave Grohl’s studio and will feature in his forthcoming documentary about Sound City Studios.”

That’s one hell of a way to debut a new song, ay?

Watch the performance here and bask in the coolness. For me, this performance was a little Christmas miracle that the music world hasn’t been downloaded to death. That spontaneous art can still move mountains. That Paul fricking Mccartney still rocks!

It’s the little things...

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