He had good ideas, but who heard them?

Being an independent Republican, a loss to an incumbent Democrat in the 38th House District was to be expected.

I felt much satisfaction when I read the Nov. 30 article on the front page of The Day, "Cuts imperil health care." One of my cost saving suggestions was to reduce state agency budgets by 2 percent except for Correction and State Police.

The Day and others looked at this suggestion as a foolish idea. Perhaps they thought it was too low, as the governor is looking at 5 percent. It is easy to be critical of cost cutting ideas. Other ideas I offered for cost savings were:

1. A one-page state income tax form that uses the taxes paid to the general government times a specific percentage. This simple form would save preparers time and the state money.

2. Let political parties pay for and run their own primaries. Why should independent/unaffiliated voters pay for these elections?

3. End work on the bus route from New Britain to Hartford.

4. Don't fund the trains from New Haven to Springfield.

When only a few people read and/or hear your ideas, you don't have much of a chance to win an election.

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