Lavish spending during sequestration

The President got $300 billion in new taxes in January. The $85 billion sequester involved cuts, for example, the cancellation of White House tours, 60,000 border/Customs agents to take a 14-day furlough, the shutdown of 149 small airport control towers, meat factories to go uninspected, and the list goes on.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Kerry gave Egypt's Radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood $250 million to prop up its economy with the promise of another $1.5 billion. President Obama, on his visit to Jordan, gave $200 million for refugees fleeing Libya. Vice President Biden and his entourage spent $1 million for two hotel nights, one night in London and one in Paris.

The administration is going to spend $150 million to jazz up GITMO for the thugs that reside there. The Obamas go on lavish vacations; the president recently went on a golf weekend that was equivalent to 341 federal employee-furlough days.

While the rest of us struggle to put basic food on the table, the president entertained Republican senators at the Jefferson Hotel, which featured lobster thermidor priced at $85.

The administration is spending our dollars without consideration of our debt and with total disregard of our posterity. Where is the shared sacrifice?

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