Some secret agenda behind school razing?

Recently, it was announced that the Groton Town Council had voted in favor of tearing down the Noank School buildings. This is a sad day for many people, especially those who put so much effort into coming up with a viable plan for re-use of the building, only to have the rug pulled out on them by the council, which refused to give them the chance to seek funding or have a meeting with Noank residents, and who used a citizens petition as an excuse to prematurely deny the project.

Only Councilor Dean Antipas voted against the majority because he felt that the Re-use Committee should have another meeting with the Noank residents to determine actual interest and to explore funding.

Part of the irony here is that it may be costing more to destroy it than the Noank Re-Use Committee was estimating to put the south portion, along with the entire roof, back in service.

One wonders if there exists a new agenda that might have contributed to the council's decision.

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