Day right, protect docs from frivilous lawsuits

The May 2 editorial, "Don't make malpractice suits easier," was correct to criticize the trial lawyers' attempts to make it easier to file unwarranted medical malpractice suits.

It is tragic that almost on a yearly basis the lawyers invent ways to make the practice of medicine more difficult for physicians. The lawyers' approach is not based on the sense of right and wrong that most people understand. It is based on whatever the legal system allows and the most effective tool that is allowed is intimidation. They know that intimidation works.

Most physicians fearful of the lost time that defending a malpractice suit consumes would rather settle a case than wait and worry as it works its way through the legal system.

And because malpractice suits can destroy good physicians' reputations and livelihoods, they try to protect themselves by practicing defensively. This raises the cost of health care immeasurably. It explains why a simple visit to the emergency room for a stomach ache can result in a $10,000 or more medical bill.

It is time for our lawmakers to do the right thing and not be intimidated by the trial lawyers.

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