Excited by Bowles' clean energy vision

How exciting! Positive steps are now being taken by a task force to study and make recommendations to possibly implement Preston state representative and Selectman Tim Bowles' long-held vision to establish a clean energy generation, research, technology and training center in Preston.

What is there to get excited about clean energy? For starters: It reduces water and air pollution of energy producing fossil fuels that have had costly and adverse effects on the quality of life of the earth's inhabitants. It will lower the costs of energy use for consumers and boost the economy, creating new industry and employment opportunities; and it has the technical potential to provide all the electricity needs of the nation.

Hands down, clean energy produced in our small corner of the planet is the best choice for our environment, health and economy. Kudos to Tim Bowles for pursuing his dream, and many thanks to the task force of well qualified individuals for accepting the challenge of thinking globally and acting locally.

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