Conn. is true leader in marriage equality

How pleasant to see the small blurb in the May 14 edition: "Minnesota Senate OK's gay marriage" (but get the terminology right, it's marriage equality at best, same-sex marriage at worst but gay marriage is out).

Your coverage is so welcome for so many reasons: 1) Pushes Connecticut as a national leader on this issue as our 2008 allowance made us the third state nationally (soon up to second as California lost its way.)

2) Page 2 sidebar story makes what was so recently a front-page headline, now NBD (No Big Deal).

3) Like your terminology that Minnesota "OK's" it making it not seem so significant, which it both is and isn't at the exact same time.

4) Our impressively progressive six-state New England block now totals half the marriage equality states with more to surely follow.

With so much hate, violence, dishonesty and deception in this world, what is the purpose to prevent and deny love? Similar to the abortion debate, if you don't believe in same-sex marriage, don't have one, but there must be an allowance, on equal rights grounds, for those who do.

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