Skunk family support took her breath away

On Sunday night, June 16, around 8:30 p.m., I was heading down Boston Post Road, in Waterford, in my vehicle.

When I got to Brill Avenue, there was a sight to behold!

Out in front of my vehicle, there was a mother skunk and about five baby skunks following her across Boston Post Road.

I immediately stopped, and thought the person behind me was going to plow into my vehicle. They also stopped, and the driver in the opposite direction stopped and so did a lot of other vehicles.

When the mother and the babies got into the middle of the road; they got scared and just stood there.

I am sitting in my vehicle watching this unusual parade, and thinking, what do I do to help them?

Across the road, I spotted a lady heading to the edge of road; this kind human began to herd the skunk family safely back into the yard.

They say it's not the breaths we take in life, but the moments that take our breath away.

All I know is that the mama skunk and her little ones had angels watching over them that evening.

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