Flat tax plan for repairs of Crescent Beach damage is unfair

A recent meeting of the Crescent Beach Association in Niantic addressed funding for repair of damages caused by Storm Sandy. The meeting notice warned that a vote would be taken on a budget that included repairs and could result in a tax rate of 5.0 mills.

At the meeting a different alternative was offered, without warning: a flat tax special assessment for repairs, which would charge all property owners the same amount, regardless of their property value. Now a special meeting has been called for Saturday to vote on it.

I suggest that the proposed flat dollar tax is nothing more than a ruse to get those who have small houses to subsidize those with larger ones. We may all walk on the bluff, but in fact my house with two bedrooms puts far fewer feet on the sand than a house that sleeps 10.

A flat charge will raise the effective mill rate for small homes to over 5 mills and it will decrease the effective mill rate for large homes to as low as 3 mills. A flat tax is not fair.

Attend the meeting on Saturday and make your voice heard.

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